Spotted: Etsy


Yarn:: This yarn is absolutely delicious and it’s recycled! Eco friendly!


Home:: My favourite colour is orange, this stunningly intricate wall hanging is just beautiful and would look perfect in my room.


Unusual:: You can never have too many bookmarks… Especially ones that are flattened ladies . I think that would be a good way to go… Squashed by books. There are worse ways to kick the bucket.


 Jewellery:: These simple and unusual earrings would be perfect on a day to day basis. 

Crochet Pumpkin and Mushroom

Bringing a little autumn into my bedroom. Not the cold though, the cold can stay outside, well and truly.

I had a day off today (wahoo!) so I decided to have a relatively relaxing, stress free, tea heavy, movement limited day. It was happily infused with masses of crochet and YouTube documentaries periodically interspersed with episodes of Gilmore Girls. I couldn’t resist, a guilt free telegasmic  indulgence if I’m honest.

Look! My little crochet mushroom and pumpkin! 


They sit happily on my bookshelf which stands next to my bed. 


They sit just above my granny square bunting and pompom bunting. I think they brighten my shelves up


Despite the wet, cold  and windy day outside, which I have watched from this mornings light dull grey  progressively intensify into a deep, dark, musty greyish black with an illuminated light turquoise layer bleeding upwards into the grey from the below the houses and finally settling into blackness – no stars visible, only the pop of street lamps scattered around.

Now after finishing my small attempt at crochet amigurumi pumpkins and mushrooms I am back to working on my Turkish Delight Rug. It’s growing steadily though I do have one issue. I have no idea where to put it. I’m sure I’ll find a place once it’s finished.


Currently Reading: The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Ciao for now!



Where does the time go…?

A recent crafty chat, a monumental tidy up and some room to breathe have all contributed to a fervent bellowing of my previously diminished inner flame of passion for crochet. I don’t quite know why my passion, and consequently my hooking, dwindled inconspicuously to a halt; projects were pushed under the bed, hidden in wardrobes, frogged or just simply left to fester.

I figure – we all need a break sometimes… Right? We just don’t always know it.

So, since my last post I have moved house, had a birthday, celebrated countless other fantabulous birthdays (including two of my best friends, mum, bf and brother) published some flash fiction, made new friends and featured on ITV news! Busy, busy.

Now. Well I have officially picked up my hooks again – and it feels good. I feel settled for the first time in a while. The last few months have been quite a rush, what with the moving house, new house mates, routines…blahblahblah. Excuses excuses.

Anyway it’s back to my old hooky ways and habits. WIPs in my bag, yarn here, there and everywhere, Pinterest perusing, blog reading and of course a little indulgence. I justified my indulgence with the reasoning that I had been out of the loop (pun or no pun? Nahhh, it didn’t quite work that) so long that I had to catch up on what I had missed! Naughtily I purchased two crochet magazines.


I bought my favourite magazine, Inside Crochet and a new magazine, the first issue even, #crochet – or as it came up on the scanner Hashtag Crochet. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the name but it has some very cute patterns inside and a tiny amigurumi fox was all it took to cause it to accidentally fall into my basket!

So right now, I am laying in bed, Bailey’s hot chocolate in one hand and a 5mm hook in the other working on Sarah London’s Turkish Delight Rug found in #crochet. It’s bright, eye catching and uses a technique I haven’t tried before – weaving!

I’ll let you know how it goes.


Sherwood Art Week – Nottingham

This week is Sherwood Art Week here in lovely Nottingham! Sherwood Art Week is a celebration of local artists, amateur as well as professional. After doing a little research on the web I find out that there is a lot happening over the course of the week. Activities ranged from poetry to music to crafting workshops to secret garden fairs. Unfortunately because I have been at work most of the week I was unable to try out any of the workshops on offer, which was a shame because they sounded great. However there are two particular aspects of this week that I did manage to check out and enjoy.




I love the snake slithering up the tree















I thought the whole street looked fabulous. So many people must have contributed and put a lot of time, effort and planning in to every single one these pieces and I think it looks awesome. All the art and yarn bombs add cheer, colour and a real sense of pride and community spirit to Sherwood. I love community spirit, I love reading those notice boards in supermarkets or on street corners which are full of leaflets that display all the community groups, the fairs, the fundraisers, markets, events and all the people attempting to build bridges and bring local people together.

The second aspect of Art Week that I think is great is the art that is on display. In pubs, in charity shops, in law firms, in hairdressers, in polish restaurants, in bookshops. It’s bloody great. Everywhere you look there is something creative and colourful for your eyes to feast on and enjoy. I, and my partner agreed, that all streets should be like this all the time. Why not? What better way to include people from the communities by inviting them to contribute to the aesthetic development of their shopping area or nature area. A place they probably pass everyday, a place where they walk their dogs, a place where they shop and socialise. There are plenty of budding artists and crafty people in every community and I bet they would jump at the chance to display their work in such a proud and effective way.

Here is a small selection of some of the art we saw.









This isn’t even a tenth of what is on display so if you want a look at anything on display or perhaps a better look, as my photos aren’t great, I suggest you go and visit!

So after a long day exploring Sherwood we were peckish and needed a little sustenance . We had a look around before we stumbled upon a little place called Kiosk, it was tucked away but looked very intriguing. So we had a walk over and we were warmly welcomed by the staff. We took a seat inside a shipping container. Yup, you read right, a refurbished shipping container. Light and airy with plenty of windows, comfortable with a selection of crochet blankets on offer. After a lot of consideration, we ordered a Quesadilla and Mexican Meatballs. It was very tricky to choose from their menu, which was seasonal, fresh, local and delicious. There weren’t a lot of dishes to choose from, around 10 – with a selection of cakes that made my mouth water. But that is the best way, less choices with less waste. Check out this lady to see what I mean.

Anyway. It was a fantastic day, the weather was great, I grabbed a few bargains and we discovered some new places.

Ciao for now



Finished Project – but I’m still learning

I have been crocheting for a good few years now and yet I still make mistakes. Perhaps because I rush or because I’m a little impatient or it’s a combination of the two.
I said yesterday I would finish my project even if I had to stay up until the early hours.. Well I finally went to bed around midnight and still hadn’t finished. Though there isn’t too much left to do. Here are a few snaps of what it looks like at the minute!



Its a VW Camper Van!!!
It certainly took me a while too finish but I got there in the end.
I think sewing is a skill I am least proficient at… I’m fact I struggle a lot with it. As you can probably see I’ve sewed the wrong sides together as opposed to the right side. Wahhh. I only realised 2/3 of the way through my sewing and I really, really didn’t want to unpick everything I had done. So I’ll have to put up with my imperfect camper van. Maybe I’ll make another one.. And do it right this time.
Live and learn eh?


Long Time No See!

Well that was an unexpectedly long absence from blogging. It wasn’t planned and it just seemed to happen.
Hey Ho I’m back now (yay) and working on some delectable crochet projects!
One of which I am decidedly desperate to finish today.
Here is a cheeky snap.


I’m going to hook away until I finish this, even if I am still hooking until the early hours of the morning, I guess that wouldn’t count as today but it will count in my head because I won’t have slept…Anyway it might not come to that. I have had this project for a good few months, I found the pattern in Inside Crochet (my favourite crochet mag) and it isn’t the trickiest of projects… I’ve just become a little unprohooktive. (See what I did there?) I also found these beauties at a craft fair in Southwold a few weeks ago and they are beyond Perfect for this project. Here, take a peak.

Perhaps you can guess what the project is from the clues but if not I shall keep it a secret for now and I will reveal all upon its completion.

I have been away on holiday quite a bit and working hard.
I spent bank holiday weekend in Amsterdam. What a beautiful and slightly eccentric city. Last week I went to a juggling festival tucked away in the heart of Suffolk on farmer Paul’s farm. A magical week making friends and juggling in the buttercups. Here are a few sneaky peeks of the adventure.




Cannot wait to visit again next year.
I think all this relaxation time has hit me full on in the chest like a shock from an electric fence. There is, metaphorically a thousand things I want to get on with now… So…
Back to hooking!


Turning Green

Recently I have been thinking more and more about being Green and Sustainable and  basically Looking After The Planet. I have been thinking about these three things  from all aspects of my life, from living to eating to working and of course crafting, which shall be the focus of this post.

At present in the craft-o-sphere the trend (I use the word trend loosely) is to Re-use, Reclaim, Recycle and Upcycle. Concepts that I truly like. Occasionally I wonder if these are just one project makes, made in order to follow the trend or whether it is a display of change in the bloggers principals? I guess for some bloggers it may fade out and just live quietly in their bottomless blogging basements where it can only be found in the dusty archival storage.

For me I whole heartedly believe in living my life in a way that is Green and Sustainable and means that I am Looking After The Planet. I don’t want to spend money(money, hmpf! Another issue altogether) on cheap plastics, poorly made stuff and farmed foods. Hopefully over the next few months I can show you how I am changing small things in my life to adhere to these principals.

I think in some ways that Turning Green is not as easy as you think, it certainly hasn’t been easy for me. Capitalism and Consumerism have actually made it pretty damn hard. For example eating organically, or finding fruit that hasn’t been shipped half way across the world or buying affordable quality yarn that isn’t acrylic – it just isn’t easy and to be honest it’s damn expensive. So I don’t think, unless you are able financially, it is something you can just wake up one morning and think “from now on I shall be Green

So for me Turning Green is happening one step at a time. For instance I have started to cycle to work, I now get a weekly veg box (totally awesome – the veg is local – from individuals and allotments in my city, I think it is part of a cooperative) . However it has taken a lot of thought to figure out how I can incorporate these blossoming ideas into my crochet and knitting habits.Though I definitely have a few ideas!

So that was my rant. I have a few projects in the pipeline that should take me one step closer to Turning Green which I shall share with you all soon. They are new and exciting and ooooh! I cannot wait to share.

What are your thoughts on being Green?


A New Year – Let’s Have A Look at the Last One

I can’t believe I have managed to keep up this blog for so long, I’m pretty proud of myself actually. I have come to enjoy blogging and being part of something. Discovering so many wonderful things from new techniques to new yarns and places to visit. This post is a picture collage and also celebration of the last year, looking back I remember all those moments and what a fantastic year it has been.


PomPoms – fluffy and colourful


My favourite item that I have made!


Bright colours make me smile


Many walks in the cold but bright British weather!


Decorating the new flat


Crochet in the beach hut at Southwold


Visiting yarn shops around the country – my little sister tagging along


I just can’t hide my love for bunting


New and interesting yarn!


Picking wild blackberries


Cream Teas


Crochetting in Spain!


Admiring nature

Yarnbombing up north!



Yarn Bombing in Spain


Christmas Eve in Spain

Looking back over all these photos makes me proud – I’ve achieved a lot over this year. I have had so many good trips with good friends, continued with my blog (surprisingly, visited many beautiful places, graduated, found a job I like, enjoyed times with my family, drank numerous cups of tea and eaten many bowls of noodles, stressed out over exams and remained happy throughout. 

Click on the pictures if you’d like to read more !

Thanks for reading


Social Media Shout Out

I am going to, from the offset, deny that this is shameless self promotion. I follow quite a few of you bloggers out there and so I thought this would be a good idea, you can link/follow me and I can follow/link back to you. It’s a good way to get to know someone (watch this space for my Blog Party – coming soon), especially when you read their blogs quite often, which are almost like online craft/life diaries! I would like to follow other bloggers on other platforms and see their styles, ideas, patterns they like and perhaps some new stuff that I haven’t come across. Come on guys and gals, the internet is a big place, one person alone cannot scour it, let’s work together and pool ideas.

So if you are interested and would like to follow me elsewhere.. click on the links below.






Wow I really flaunt it about on social media! I would also love to follow you people out there. Yes, you there, reading away! ( if there are any) Please comment with your links and if you want I will add a link to your blog below.

Thanks for reading


Tea-riffic – Sweet Chilli


I’ve gone tea drinking mad recently!

Whilst staying at my friends house for a few days I got to try this very, very unusual tea. I must say it has one of the most unusual flavours I have ever tasted in a tea. Sweet but spicy,  hints of all sorts of spices it even had Liquorice in it.  A very unusual combination of flavours but in my opinion they were a very good combination. Although it did take me quite a few sips to decide whether I liked it or not. If you have a love for the spicy and exotic I highly recommend this tea.



Though this tea is very strange in its spicy yet sweet taste, I like the depth and combination of flavours that you can find within just one small cup.The light orangey/red colour that the water turns  when it has infused in the cup.

I give this tea 4 cups out of 5!






Thanks for reading


ps – if you try this tea, let me know what you think!