Etsy:: Ten Brilliantly Beautiful Brooches

  1. I love whales and I would love to see them in person, for now I’ll stick (excuse the pun) with this beauty. Find it here.

Whale Brooch Pin ... Silver Vintage Pin Blue Whale

2. I love the texture of this toadstool brooch, it’s really unusual and quirky.  Find it here.

Toadstool brooch, Woodland jewellery, Vegetable jewelry, Red mushroom, Wire Wrapped brooch, Woodland birthday, Kawaii kitsch pin, Artisan

3. I’m not a massive fan of Christmas. The commercialisation, the excessive amount of money spent, the fact that chocolate snowmen are in stock in October and blahblahblah – but – I LOVE ELF! I can’t help it. I watch it once a year, wrapped up with a Baileys Hot Choc and giggle my head off and get all the lines that I think I know all mixed up and feel all Christmassy. Find it here.

Bye Buddy Narwhal Enamel Pin, Christmas Pin, Elf Movie Pin, Narwhal Pin, Christmas Gift, Lapel Pin

4. Sorry couldn’t resist slipping another Elf in. Find it here.

3.25" Buddy The Elf Die Cuts set of 25

5. Shoes. I love these old fashioned shoe brooches, I’m not sure how comfortable they would be to wear on your feet but to wear on your jumpy I think they’d be just dandy! Find it here.

Shoes Pin/Brooch Set of 2

6. These charming little brooches are made from stoneware clay. They have photographs of real houses adorned on them and I absolutely love them. Find it here.

House Brooch


7. This bear looks like its creeping along looking for a pot of honey. I love the dynamic colours and hand painted feel. Find it here.

Bear Brooch, Bear Jewellery, Hand Painted Brooch, Hand Painted Jewellery, Quirky Gift, Animal Jewelry, Harlequin Brooch, Harlequin Jewelry,

8. Come on. Who doesn’t love David Attenborough? I would happily wear this on my jumper to display to the world. Find it here.

Sir David Attenborough Hand Painted Pin Badge Brooch! 10% of profits go to charity.  Nature, Environment, Laser cut wood

9. Cute and quirky, small yet eye catching. Find it here.

Octagon Laser Cut Diamond Wheel Stained Glass Wooden Brooch

10. Ahh! I know this isn’t a brooch but I couldn’t not include it, look at that little dog. Find it here.

Hand Painted Dog in a Bike Basket Necklace Mint Green. Laser cut wood, illustration jewellery. Cute cool colourful fun animal unique jewelry


11. I know it’s cold and wet and dreary but I think this sweet little brooch is just lovely.It takes me back to one of my favourite places in the world… Southwold (if you scroll to the bottom you can see me sat crochetting in our beach hut). Find it here.

Beach hut brooch - Summer jewelry - Beach jewellery - Seaside lover jewelry - Beach hut - Wooden brooch - Ocean jewellery - Nautical brooch


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An update:: My Favourite Things scarf

I started this nearly a year ago, somewhere between Romania and Bulgaria, oh how that feels like a lifetime ago. Since I returned from my travels (find some of my posts here, here and here) I must confess that I haven’t really been knitting or crocheting at all. I’ve been spending a lot of time working and settling back into some kind of routine and finally, finally, I’ve started knitting again.I thought it would take me a while to pick it up again but it was almost instant.

Here is a little timeline of My Favourite Things scarf and then below that is where I’m at with it now.

Post One – Buying the yarn in Istanbul, Turkey

Post Two – Starting my scarf on a train to Romania

Post Three – Plodding along .

Displaying IMG_20161015_100049.jpg

And here we are today! Whoop!! It’s getting so long! I can’t wait to wrap up in it in these cold, winter months. I still have a few ideas about what else I’m going to add to it, definitely something travel related – maybe a map.  I want it to be long enough so that I can wrap it around my neck  at least twice. I’m obsessed with finishing it before Christmas – I actually have a deadline now and that’s the 4th of December. I’m volunteering at a local art gallery and we will be having an in house exhibition and all the volunteers are able to submit something, it can be anything, so I’m going to submit my scarf! So i have just under two months to get it all finished!


Have fun knitting!





Travel:: Copenhagen

All of my friends and I have a lot in common and one of the main ones is travelling! Jess called me one rainy Monday to let me know she had booked flights to Copenhagen and did I want to join. I couldn’t say no, so I jumped straight onto the computer and booked my flights and coaches. I absolutely love going to new places and countries – and I had never been to Denmark!



So excited to see each other!



We walked a heck of a lot during the weekend, all over Copenhagen, we didn’t use public transport once so I cannot imagine the miles we walked. There were some really lovely streets in Copenhagen. It reminded me of a larger version of Amsterdam in some ways with all the pretty terraced buildings and water.



I bought a little map in the airport and it was really fun to use instead of GPS or relying on WiFi. Also, it’s nice to have this as a souvenir rather than something tacky. It means I can always lend it to friends or family if they go to Copenhagen!




We made sure that we walked across town to visit Freetown Christiania which was pretty cool, there were people doing graffiti  and there were some fantastic pieces on the walls. It was a very interesting experience.

A little more about Christiania:: It is also known as Freetown Christiania and it is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood of about 850 residents the borough of Christianshavn in the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

A few more snaps.















Overall I really liked Copenhagen, we had a fantastic adventures, met so many interesting people, ate too much sushi and drank too much coffee, gossiped and gigglged until my throat dried up and just had an all round awesome weekend!

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Travel:: Soutwold









Southwold. One of my favourite places in the world. It’s different every time I go yet still evokes such a feeling of peace when I’m there – probably because I have been going for so long now and have so many wonderful memories there. This time my friend Sophie joined us and we had a wonderful time hopping from pub to pub drinking adnams, visiting country markets, eating to much cake and Southwold sausages as well as cricket on the beach and walking over to the harbour.

Below are a few of my previous posts on Soutwold that I have uploaded over the last few years. All are different in their own unique way and feature different aspects of this wonderful seaside town.I also see how my brothers and sisters are growing up. In Post 2 my youngest brother is so tiny, barely walking! Now he’s this boistrous toddler running and jumping over sand dunes!

I think I declare my love for Southwold in every post!

Southwold Post 1

Southwold Post 2

Southwold Post 3



Travel:: Leicestershire Cabin


This is a picture of the lovely hand built cabin that my friends and I stayed in a few weeks ago.  We all live in different parts of the country, some in the south and some in the middle and some in the north, but we love to get together, making sure we see each other at least once a month or at most alternate months! Usually we play board games or drink beer or catch up or visit somewhere new or go walking, well, it’s always something fun and different! So the weekend was a welcome back, happy birthday, merry Christmas type affair – E and I had been out of the country for five months last year and had missed quite a lot.


This is a few of us on Saturday morning, just pottering about the cabin, a little tired from a late night of gossiping, games and beer! It was so good to see everyone and the cosy cabin (enough for six!) was the perfect setting, especially with the wood burner!


This is me having a go on the swing built with things found on the land!

There was actually more than one cabin on the land there were two hand built ones, we stayed in the smaller one and there was a really lovely tiny house. From out cabin you can hear the stream which run adjacent to the place. They also have two goat who come storming over at the first hint of food! The owners run a canoe building holiday  family run business and they were so friendly and accommodating – they kept us topped up with wood for the fire and home made cookies!


It was bright yet chilly on the Saturday so we layered up and went for a wander over the fields to the nearest pub.




A wonky photo of all of us on the way back from the pub, I had to balance the camera, precariously, on a log! It took a few attempts.


And to end the post, the wonderful sunset I couldn’t help but stare at on the walk back to the cabin.

All in all it was a really wonderful relaxing weekend with friends. I’m already looking forward to the next event!

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Spotted Etsy:: Four Fabulous Fruits!



Jewellery:: These dainty little blueberries are great. Quirky and unique!

Find it here.

Fruit print figs vintage Botanical Print by Marilena Pistoia kitchen decor gardening gift 8 x 11.75 inches


Art:: “This is a print of an illustration by Italian botanical artist Marilena Pistoia”.

It reminds me Croatia last October. With my parter and his family who had come to visit us, there were fig trees everywhere (and pomegranates, kiwis, strawberries, almonds, walnuts, oranges) and I picked a ripe one from a tree. It was so delicious and juicy, I had never tasted a fig so fresh! Croatia is fantastic for foraging.

Find it here. 



Tutti Fruitti Fruit Patterned Men's Bow Tie

“This is a handmade, pre-tied men’s bow tie made from a crazy fruit print high quality cotton fabric.” What guy doens’t need this juicy bow tie to brighten up their outfit!


Find it here.

2016 Farmer's Market Wall Calendar

I love this Farmers Market calandar it would make a beautiful addition to any kitchen!

Find it here.