A Crochet Beginning

I only learned to crochet this year – but I love it. I find it so relaxing and such an achievement when I finish a project.

My knowledge of yarn, hooks, tension, gauge and ply is very thin on the ground but as i crochet more and explore i hope to learn a lot.

I have trouble with picking a pattern and sticking to it because everything looks so good, colourful and fun. However, writing this blog (i am hoping) will help me to focus and become more productive as it will be a document of my progress.

Here are some of the projects I have finished. Each one has taught me something new, whether its a new stitch or learning about another type of yarn.


so far so good!  I have many, many ideas that I would like to begin though!

What I am really desperate to make is a quilt! And after stumbling on the Tiny Owls Knits  I foundthe Beekeeper’s quilt – and fell in love. However I struggled to find a pattern for the little hexipuffs in crochet. There is only one I have found on Raverly called the Apiary Puff. So I am working on my first hexipuff and I am very excited! I think once I have mastered the pattern, I shall make a few a week in between other projects I am working on. I reckon it will, all in all take me around a year to complete!

Thanks for reading



3 thoughts on “A Crochet Beginning

  1. I also just learned this year and somehow hanks of yarn have magically exploded into my craft room! You could always pop over to youtube and learn to knit. Knitting and crochet are not so far apart. The principles of tension and needle vs. yarn size are much the same 😀


    • My room is also like that, yarn, hooks and half finished projects laying around. I like a bit of mess though. After seeing many great patterns online – all knitting – i have decided that is my plan over Christmas and the new year!


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