Project Update!

This coming Sunday my two younger sisters, my housemate  and I will be taking part in a little Christmas Fair. It is promoting homemade gifts and crafts from local artists in my area. My younger sister has been making lots of friendship bracelets so when I suggested the idea of selling them at a craft fair she was very excited! In preparation we have made some salt dough decorations!

They were fun to make and we got flour everywhere! The idea of the stall is not to make money its all about spending some time together and teaching my younger sisters some new skills!  We also have an urge to share our lovingly made homemade goods with others. I dare say we will even break even, but as I said it’s not about money.

Today I have made my 9th Christmas Birdie body! I plan to make as many as I can this week and then use Friday and Saturday as the time to sew them up and add all the extra features like buttons, beads and wings! Thank you Attic24 for this lovely, simple yet very effective pattern!

The pile at the moment look like this….. Quite an achievement I think!

They are so cute and I am going to give each one a little name like “ Jeffrey” or“George”.  I would like to make a few extra as presents! My lecturer saw me showing one to my friend and offered to buy one but I said “no way!” he can have it as a little Christmas gift. I was flattered! My other half wants one as well, but he wants it unstuffed and to leave a little hole at the back so he can use it as a little birdie bank! ( I shall post a picture of this). It will be like he is putting money in the birds bum, which made me giggle.

I have also made 5 hats!

Although as you can tell they are missing one crucial thing – POMPOMS!!  I still have them to make and sew on. I have seen that you can buy a little gadget that is an easy peasy pompom maker but i know i can make them just using a little bit of card so I am reluctant to shell out!

I’m not quite sure what to do with them yet though! Either as another part of my stall and sell them at the very reasonable price of 4/5 pounds. Or just give them as gifts for Christmas!




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