Finished Projects

I have three finished projects that I have not blogged about yet!

Firstly…. Meet Fredrick!! He is soo super cute and my first attempt at making a cuddly! Although he is a pretty small cuddly. I made him as a present for my other half and Fredrick is to keep him company whilst he lives in Spain. I sent him through the post and completely forgot to take a picture of him! How cute is he though??


He was very easy to make although it did get quite tight when I was decreasing and unfortunately I did not have a smaller hook!

I used a pattern from a magazine I purchased a while ago which was Christmas orientated  I think it was called Simply Crochet? I can’t remember now. It had snowflake patterns and a whole section on cuddly nativity pieces!

Here is something else I have finished!


It’s a kindle cover, again for my other half. Boy he gets spoiled!  It is made out of that Rowan Colourspun and you can see its soo fluffy and soft. I love the HUGE button! It was 95p from John Lewis. Such a profit in button making I reckon… Must look into that. I also have a little of the Rowan left but no idea what to make with it… Suggestions?


And finally… My Pyshcedelic Flyers.




I made only two in the end! Both of which went to good homes. I sold them to my lecturer who wanted them for his sons. I do intend to make more but I have made so many birds recently that I definitely need a bird break.




I have been a little naughty today! I went yarn shopping. I justified it to myself with a few reasons 🙂

1) I am heading to Spain on Sunday for nearly three weeks! Today is my last day to pick up some yarn. (I think it is more expensive where I will be going and I might not be able to acquire the yarn I would ideally like.)

2) It is definitely a good experience for me by using new yarns. Ill learn a little more about types of yarn and what hooks to use/tensions. This is actually – when you think about it – educational 😉

3) Why not? It is one of my hobbies after all, I love doing it and so why not treat myself?

Would you like to look at my new goodies?


Im not sure if you can see the colours that well! My camera is a bit rubbish. I bought 5 altogether for my granny circle/square quilt. Its Baby bamboo and soo sooo soo soft! I just want to squish it and squash it and its so yummy!

Here is each colour individually! I might – once I have used all these up – get some other colours or maybe use the same colours or maybe be crazy and use a variety of brands but similar colours! We will see…

102_2700   102_2699  102_2698  102_2697  102_2696

Although I can tell the colours do not exactly match the real colours… Look how yummy they are!! The first one is a very bright yellow and the fourth one is white to tone it all out!

Look at my other naughty purchase! Sock yarn for my Apiary Puffs! Oh I cannot wait to get hooking. Its deliciously soft.


And wait… Look at the colour! Its a kind of grey-ish, light blue- ish, with hints of yellow and pink and purple and orange! Delish!


I am going to be a very busy bunny this Christmas break!


Working over Winter…

I definitely need a few projects over Christmas to keep me busy. I have a good month off uni and although I have a lot of uni work to be keeping busy I wont be able to do that 24/7.

Quilts are one of things I intend to tackle.

I have been musing over making a quilt for a while now. I am not sure whether it has been which pattern to choose or the colours or the fact that making a quilt would be quite a big task to work on or even maybe I am not quite confidence in my own skills and as there are so many amazing quilt ideas out there I think it has slowed me down a little by fawning over all of them. Well whatever it is I just haven’t been able to settle on an idea. BUT WAIT!!! After much searching and perusing of the internet I have found it (I have actually found two)  Whooop!

The first quilt is the Bee Keepers Quilt!

I have also been engulfed in the Hexipuff Craze. I considered picking ups some DPNs and learning but I have thankfully found a crochet pattern on ravelry! I have only done half, well less than half of a puff as I am finding the pattern – though not many instruction and only a few different stitches – a little confusing.


I will show pictures when I have finally finished a puff!

The yarn is from a lady at a craft stall during the Edinburgh Fringe. It’s pure hand dyed wool and very thin. I think I will make a few out of this yarn but I reckon the yarn itself is too thin and the Puff will  have holes in… You know what that means though. Yarn shopping!

So… for the second quilt! It is a much simpler pattern and will be one to keep me busy in between projects.

This is the pattern I shall be using..

Granny Circle Square

(Like a Granny Square, you are crocheting in to chain spaces, not stitches)
Chain 5, s/s to form a ring
Round 1
3 chains, *1 tr, 1ch*. Repeat ** 11 times (12 trebles). Fasten off.
Round 2
Join new colour in chain space. 3 ch, *2 tr , 1ch*. Repeat ** 11 times. Fasten off.
Round 3
Join new colour in chain space. 3 ch,  *3 tr, 1ch*. Repeat ** 11 times. Fasten off.
Round 4
Join new colour in chain space. 3ch, *4tr, 1 ch*. Repeat ** 11 times. Fasten off
Round 5
Join new colour in chain space. 3ch, *4tr, 1 ch, 4 tr, 1 ch, (4 dtr, 3 ch, 4 dtr) in next ch space, 1 ch*. Repeat ** 3 times. Fasten off.
Round 6
Join new colour in a chain space. 3 ch, 1 tr into each tr of previous round, 2 tr in each chain space. Continue until corner. 2 tr, 3 ch, 2 tr in corner chain space. Continue around remaining sides of square until back to first 3ch of this round, s/s into 3rd chain, fasten off.

This is not my pattern, I am not competent enough at the moment! Give me another few months and ill be making my own patterns up. The above pattern is from My Bear Paw a very lovely blog I frequently haunt!


Christmas Birds!

Oh my! Look at my desk! This is right before I did a few hours of crochet and finished my birds!


And so…. many hours later….



I finally finished my flock of Christmas birds. They were a lot more fiddly than I realised! The beaks were a little difficult but became easier once I got used to it. The wings – for some reason – I found most difficult.I couldn’t find a pattern I really got on with, I really wanted the wings to have that tear drop shape! Placing them on the birds so that the wings were in symmetrical position on the body took a few goes! However i am happy with my end result!

Aren’t they so cute! I bought the star beads at a local bead shop. I thought they added a little bit of funkiness. The eyes give them a little bit of personalty to and they make me giggle!

Will look lovely on a Christmas tree, or just hanging off a little hook. I think i will definitely be keeping one to hang in my crafty corner!


Musings on Crochet

— Musings on Crochet in between Projects —

I love to crochet. I find it very relaxing. The majority of my concentration, whilst in the middle of crocheting, is dedicated to which stitch is to be hooked next and occasionally I have to stop and ponder how many I have hooked so far – was it 22 stitches or 23? Is it three trebles in the next stitch or two? So although I do have to concentrate partially on what I am making I can allow another, a deeper part of my mind to wander. As the rhythm of the hook takes hold of me, my hooking becomes more fluid and it feels – for me – as though I am meditating.

My mind is calm and distant from all the problems I had yesterday and which may plague me tomorrow. It is not meditation in a religious or spiritual sense. Although for some people it might be. It is just a time for the part of my mind, which normally would run away with itself on a pair of skates fuelled by the fire of my apparent problems, worries and anxieties to stop; to stop and focus on only two or three things – a hook, the yarn and the next step. I can forget a lot when I am hooking and I really, really love that aspect of crochet. It feels when I stop hooking or when I finish a project (not only hugely excited because I finished something!!) very calm and as though I have just gotten out of a hot bath.

I think I can safely admit I have become massively addicted to crochet. I think the main sign of my addiction is that. I am always looking for the next project or new yarn. I am always browsing other people’s blogs about what they have made or what they are thinking. It is not just because of how relaxing and therapeutic I find it. I think I have also become addicted because finally, finally I have found something I am good at (well I like to think I am good). I have finally found a skill which allows me to accomplish something. I mean I have other hobbies, for instance I love to read. My oh my, I can read 10 or 20 books plus a year! Yet I cannot say “yes, yes I am really good at reading”. With crochet I can, I can show somebody a blanket I have made or a pair of slippers I just finished hooking. It makes me feel great. I can share it with others as gifts or presents. I can say to them “I made that” It’s a great self-esteem boost.

So although when I started this blog I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted out of it and I wasn’t quite sure what the aim of my blog was… I think I have decided on three preliminary reasons. (although im still a little unsure)

1) I just knew I wanted to join in with the online crochet community to show what I have made and to learn new skills and share some skills

2)  I wanted to document my progress from –almost- the beginning.  I even wanted to share my mistakes, failures, when I have to unravel and start again. I wanted to share that as well as my success.

3) I also wanted it as a place where I could come and look through everything I have made as I usually give everything away! Sort of a portfolio.

So there is a short musing on my thoughts of crochet. I hope you enjoyed it and perhaps in a few months I will come back, revisit what I wrote and see if anything has changed.