Musings on Crochet

— Musings on Crochet in between Projects —

I love to crochet. I find it very relaxing. The majority of my concentration, whilst in the middle of crocheting, is dedicated to which stitch is to be hooked next and occasionally I have to stop and ponder how many I have hooked so far – was it 22 stitches or 23? Is it three trebles in the next stitch or two? So although I do have to concentrate partially on what I am making I can allow another, a deeper part of my mind to wander. As the rhythm of the hook takes hold of me, my hooking becomes more fluid and it feels – for me – as though I am meditating.

My mind is calm and distant from all the problems I had yesterday and which may plague me tomorrow. It is not meditation in a religious or spiritual sense. Although for some people it might be. It is just a time for the part of my mind, which normally would run away with itself on a pair of skates fuelled by the fire of my apparent problems, worries and anxieties to stop; to stop and focus on only two or three things – a hook, the yarn and the next step. I can forget a lot when I am hooking and I really, really love that aspect of crochet. It feels when I stop hooking or when I finish a project (not only hugely excited because I finished something!!) very calm and as though I have just gotten out of a hot bath.

I think I can safely admit I have become massively addicted to crochet. I think the main sign of my addiction is that. I am always looking for the next project or new yarn. I am always browsing other people’s blogs about what they have made or what they are thinking. It is not just because of how relaxing and therapeutic I find it. I think I have also become addicted because finally, finally I have found something I am good at (well I like to think I am good). I have finally found a skill which allows me to accomplish something. I mean I have other hobbies, for instance I love to read. My oh my, I can read 10 or 20 books plus a year! Yet I cannot say “yes, yes I am really good at reading”. With crochet I can, I can show somebody a blanket I have made or a pair of slippers I just finished hooking. It makes me feel great. I can share it with others as gifts or presents. I can say to them “I made that” It’s a great self-esteem boost.

So although when I started this blog I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted out of it and I wasn’t quite sure what the aim of my blog was… I think I have decided on three preliminary reasons. (although im still a little unsure)

1) I just knew I wanted to join in with the online crochet community to show what I have made and to learn new skills and share some skills

2)  I wanted to document my progress from –almost- the beginning.  I even wanted to share my mistakes, failures, when I have to unravel and start again. I wanted to share that as well as my success.

3) I also wanted it as a place where I could come and look through everything I have made as I usually give everything away! Sort of a portfolio.

So there is a short musing on my thoughts of crochet. I hope you enjoyed it and perhaps in a few months I will come back, revisit what I wrote and see if anything has changed.



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