Christmas Birds!

Oh my! Look at my desk! This is right before I did a few hours of crochet and finished my birds!


And so…. many hours later….



I finally finished my flock of Christmas birds. They were a lot more fiddly than I realised! The beaks were a little difficult but became easier once I got used to it. The wings – for some reason – I found most difficult.I couldn’t find a pattern I really got on with, I really wanted the wings to have that tear drop shape! Placing them on the birds so that the wings were in symmetrical position on the body took a few goes! However i am happy with my end result!

Aren’t they so cute! I bought the star beads at a local bead shop. I thought they added a little bit of funkiness. The eyes give them a little bit of personalty to and they make me giggle!

Will look lovely on a Christmas tree, or just hanging off a little hook. I think i will definitely be keeping one to hang in my crafty corner!



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