Working over Winter…

I definitely need a few projects over Christmas to keep me busy. I have a good month off uni and although I have a lot of uni work to be keeping busy I wont be able to do that 24/7.

Quilts are one of things I intend to tackle.

I have been musing over making a quilt for a while now. I am not sure whether it has been which pattern to choose or the colours or the fact that making a quilt would be quite a big task to work on or even maybe I am not quite confidence in my own skills and as there are so many amazing quilt ideas out there I think it has slowed me down a little by fawning over all of them. Well whatever it is I just haven’t been able to settle on an idea. BUT WAIT!!! After much searching and perusing of the internet I have found it (I have actually found two)  Whooop!

The first quilt is the Bee Keepers Quilt!

I have also been engulfed in the Hexipuff Craze. I considered picking ups some DPNs and learning but I have thankfully found a crochet pattern on ravelry! I have only done half, well less than half of a puff as I am finding the pattern – though not many instruction and only a few different stitches – a little confusing.


I will show pictures when I have finally finished a puff!

The yarn is from a lady at a craft stall during the Edinburgh Fringe. It’s pure hand dyed wool and very thin. I think I will make a few out of this yarn but I reckon the yarn itself is too thin and the Puff will  have holes in… You know what that means though. Yarn shopping!

So… for the second quilt! It is a much simpler pattern and will be one to keep me busy in between projects.

This is the pattern I shall be using..

Granny Circle Square

(Like a Granny Square, you are crocheting in to chain spaces, not stitches)
Chain 5, s/s to form a ring
Round 1
3 chains, *1 tr, 1ch*. Repeat ** 11 times (12 trebles). Fasten off.
Round 2
Join new colour in chain space. 3 ch, *2 tr , 1ch*. Repeat ** 11 times. Fasten off.
Round 3
Join new colour in chain space. 3 ch,  *3 tr, 1ch*. Repeat ** 11 times. Fasten off.
Round 4
Join new colour in chain space. 3ch, *4tr, 1 ch*. Repeat ** 11 times. Fasten off
Round 5
Join new colour in chain space. 3ch, *4tr, 1 ch, 4 tr, 1 ch, (4 dtr, 3 ch, 4 dtr) in next ch space, 1 ch*. Repeat ** 3 times. Fasten off.
Round 6
Join new colour in a chain space. 3 ch, 1 tr into each tr of previous round, 2 tr in each chain space. Continue until corner. 2 tr, 3 ch, 2 tr in corner chain space. Continue around remaining sides of square until back to first 3ch of this round, s/s into 3rd chain, fasten off.

This is not my pattern, I am not competent enough at the moment! Give me another few months and ill be making my own patterns up. The above pattern is from My Bear Paw a very lovely blog I frequently haunt!



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