I have been a little naughty today! I went yarn shopping. I justified it to myself with a few reasons 🙂

1) I am heading to Spain on Sunday for nearly three weeks! Today is my last day to pick up some yarn. (I think it is more expensive where I will be going and I might not be able to acquire the yarn I would ideally like.)

2) It is definitely a good experience for me by using new yarns. Ill learn a little more about types of yarn and what hooks to use/tensions. This is actually – when you think about it – educational 😉

3) Why not? It is one of my hobbies after all, I love doing it and so why not treat myself?

Would you like to look at my new goodies?


Im not sure if you can see the colours that well! My camera is a bit rubbish. I bought 5 altogether for my granny circle/square quilt. Its Baby bamboo and soo sooo soo soft! I just want to squish it and squash it and its so yummy!

Here is each colour individually! I might – once I have used all these up – get some other colours or maybe use the same colours or maybe be crazy and use a variety of brands but similar colours! We will see…

102_2700   102_2699  102_2698  102_2697  102_2696

Although I can tell the colours do not exactly match the real colours… Look how yummy they are!! The first one is a very bright yellow and the fourth one is white to tone it all out!

Look at my other naughty purchase! Sock yarn for my Apiary Puffs! Oh I cannot wait to get hooking. Its deliciously soft.


And wait… Look at the colour! Its a kind of grey-ish, light blue- ish, with hints of yellow and pink and purple and orange! Delish!


I am going to be a very busy bunny this Christmas break!



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