Finished Projects

I have three finished projects that I have not blogged about yet!

Firstly…. Meet Fredrick!! He is soo super cute and my first attempt at making a cuddly! Although he is a pretty small cuddly. I made him as a present for my other half and Fredrick is to keep him company whilst he lives in Spain. I sent him through the post and completely forgot to take a picture of him! How cute is he though??


He was very easy to make although it did get quite tight when I was decreasing and unfortunately I did not have a smaller hook!

I used a pattern from a magazine I purchased a while ago which was Christmas orientated  I think it was called Simply Crochet? I can’t remember now. It had snowflake patterns and a whole section on cuddly nativity pieces!

Here is something else I have finished!


It’s a kindle cover, again for my other half. Boy he gets spoiled!  It is made out of that Rowan Colourspun and you can see its soo fluffy and soft. I love the HUGE button! It was 95p from John Lewis. Such a profit in button making I reckon… Must look into that. I also have a little of the Rowan left but no idea what to make with it… Suggestions?


And finally… My Pyshcedelic Flyers.




I made only two in the end! Both of which went to good homes. I sold them to my lecturer who wanted them for his sons. I do intend to make more but I have made so many birds recently that I definitely need a bird break.




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