A Little Crochet Update

During the last couple of weeks I have spent much of my time idea brewing and inspiration mixing. I have started to write, well actually  doodle all of my ideas. So I found an abandoned sketch pad under my bed and have been putting it to good use! I have already gone crazy with doodles and ideas  about projects I intend to work on this year. It has been doodledoodledoodle! I have actually enjoyed taking pen to paper  and the more I doodle the more ideas I have! Now any time I am stuck for a project (unlikely with all the ones I have on the go at the minute) I can flip through and pick one out!

Recently due to time constrictions I have been working on some little, tiny, small items…

A Mug Hugger.


I made a mug warmer for a friend as a thank you present . I actually loved how this turned out and I managed to use up the rest of my rowan colourspun yarn! I wonder if it will keep tea warmer for longer?? I can definitely see more mug warmers on the hooky horizon!



A selection of envelopes and teeny tiny pockets.





I thought these envelopes were really sweet – small enough to keep little notes in or to protect my jewellery when I am not wearing it. I can just pop them into my handbag for safekeeping.

The final thing I have slowly been hooking away at is…

My Beautiful Rolling Ripple Blanket.




Thanks for reading



What’s in my bag – January

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. 
Albert Einstein

I always find it interesting to see what other people like to carry around with them on a daily basis. I think this is partially because I am a little bit nosy . So I have decided to post the contents of my bag once a month for anyone who is a little bit nosy like me or who is a little bit curious!



 So here we can see what I have been carrying around this week!

– My ripple blanket (Just in case I get a spare moment to hook – can you see its growing!!)

– The Basics (Keys, mirror, phone, purse and pencil case )

– The book I am reading at the moment. It is called Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson. ( I Promise I am not obsessed with Oranges! Although it may appear that way at the moment.

– My current textbook for uni  – Equity and Trusts, all I can say is BLEUGH! 

– And finally, a small pack of playing cards (I promise they come in handy) and my ever so tiny owl diary to keep those important dates and deadlines!


This is my bag… Flamingo Flamingo!


Crochet – Imagination Required

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. 
Nelson Mandela 

Let’s get back to some business now. It has been a very busy few weeks  and consequently has left me little time to really settle down and hook hook hook! Sitting down with a brew, surrounded by a collection of yarns, patterns and hooks is something I am desperately looking forward to.

During my trip to Spain I was struck with a moment of  colour-crochet inspiration and since I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind I thought I would not only act upon it but blog to. Everywhere we went in Andalucía  orange trees lined the streets.



The above photo shows the gorgeous Patio de los Naranjos and in the background the Sevilla cathedral.


The above photo shows the gardens of the Real Alcazar of Seville. A beautfiul abundance of orange trees.


The last photo displays outside the walls of Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos (Palace of the Christian Kings)

I love the way the colour of the oranges shines through the greens of the leaves so explosively – They just POP with colour! This was my inspiration.  I have decided that my next project will be a blanket which I shall name Naranjo ( Yes, silly me, I am giving my blanket a name – it means Orange Tree in Spanish). The quilt will be a simple granny square design with a variety of shades in orange yarn as the centres which shall represent the oranges. There will be variety of shades in green representing  the leaves of the orange trees. The edge of the blanket will be beige and will represent the walls of the palaces and cathedrals which surround the orange tree groves. So hopefully it look like an orange grove within a palace or cathedral walls.

So here is my Naranjo stash! AHHHH IT LOOKS SO YUMMYY!

These are my oranges!


An orange tree surrounded by dazzling leaves (this is where you need a little imagination)


So far the colours that I have in my stash… I won’t be buying any more until I have ran out!


The very beginning of my Naranjo blanket!


I cannot wait to start hooking this up. I am undecided as to whether this will be for myself or as a present – though I am sure I will figure it out when it’s all finished.

Thank you kindly for reading!



Resolutions, goals, ambitions, desires, objectives. A few typical words that float around at the end of each year.

Now I enjoy writing to-do lists… Completing them – well that’s another story… Although I do always try my best!

Here are my “to-do’s” for 2013.

1) Finish a blanket – finally! Hopefully my ripple blanket.

2)  Learn to knit. I think there can be nothing lost from learning new skills and there are some beautiful items of knitting that I would like to have a go at.

3) Attend another craft fair! A little better prepared and with chairs! I managed to jumble together a selection of small crocheted items I had made along with a few items from a friends and had a stall at a nearby Christmas market. Although in our haste we didn’t take chairs to sit on… It was a long day!

4) Write! Write! Write! Write! Write! I need to dedicate some time to my fiction. Perhaps I should include some time management practice within number 5 on my list.

5) Read 10 books (No need to be too ambitious, goal must be achievable)

6) Study more and spend less!

7 ) Continue to crochet – new projects, patterns and stitches!

8) Practice piano daily!

9) Blog. Focusing on quality and not quantity.

10) Meditate. Meditation is a good way to focus the mind and I think a way to learn patience. This year I would like to learn the basics of meditation.

11) I forgot the most important one!! Uni Work! This should be top of the list really, oops!

I shall imagine, that as I hope to keep my blog up to date with my progress it will also inadvertently motivate me to achieve my aims. I may even add a few as the months pass.

I hope you enjoy following my progress with “to-dos”.


….. and relax

I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted! Oh deary me, time has flown!

But now it is time to take a breath…. and relax. Christmas and 2012 are over! I am not sure whether I am happy about that or not – are you?

It feels as though people prepare for months and months then suddenly, without any warning, Christmas is over in a lightning flash of turkey, wine, wrapping paper and brussel sprouts.

My crochet has been very sporadic this festive period! I have began a ripple blanket with my baby bamboo yarn. I did not like the way it hooked up into granny squares and so I have diverted from the pattern I originally chose – found here – in favour of this ripple pattern,  courtesy of Attic24.  (Although I will, in time, move back to that granny square blanket with some softer, lighter yarns as I do love the pattern and colours.)

Here is my ripple blanket… A work in progress!




Look how much it has grown!

Just a few days before Christmas Day, I had the wacky and way too ambitious idea of hooking everyone a small Christmas present… It didn’t quite happen as I had planned. I ended up making 3 … which when I considered my time constrictions,  I thought that my achievement was pretty impressive. I hooked a present up for my other half… My very own original pattern! A sort of monster money box… It was something that just popped into my head one evening and I just had to rush off and give it a go.


We have named him Marvin Money!

One of the presents I made was a simple hat. Light grey and white with a grey bow and turquoise edge.



I was in such a fluff, fliff, faff finishing the mittens, that the other and unfortunately they were wrapped and ribboned before I even had a chance to think about taking a picture. They were a lovely turquoise blue with a white, shell edging around the wrist. I also hooked up two small, white bows that I sewed onto the backs at the bottom. The mittens took a lot longer than I had anticipated as there was one row of rebels then another of singles to add a ribbed edge. The pattern also had instructions to add cables onto the back – which I may say looked really lovely – but I just did not have time!  I think at some point I will make another pair of the mittens with no time constrictions and therefore time to add the cables.

The pattern is found here if you are interested.

Disappointingly I have only managed to hook a few rows of a hexipuff – despite my constant attempts to have a dozen hooked up before my return to England. I constantly  carry my sock yarn, a hook and the pattern in my bag!


If only I could slow time down a little – I could get more done!