….. and relax

I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted! Oh deary me, time has flown!

But now it is time to take a breath…. and relax. Christmas and 2012 are over! I am not sure whether I am happy about that or not – are you?

It feels as though people prepare for months and months then suddenly, without any warning, Christmas is over in a lightning flash of turkey, wine, wrapping paper and brussel sprouts.

My crochet has been very sporadic this festive period! I have began a ripple blanket with my baby bamboo yarn. I did not like the way it hooked up into granny squares and so I have diverted from the pattern I originally chose – found here – in favour of this ripple pattern,  courtesy of Attic24.  (Although I will, in time, move back to that granny square blanket with some softer, lighter yarns as I do love the pattern and colours.)

Here is my ripple blanket… A work in progress!




Look how much it has grown!

Just a few days before Christmas Day, I had the wacky and way too ambitious idea of hooking everyone a small Christmas present… It didn’t quite happen as I had planned. I ended up making 3 … which when I considered my time constrictions,  I thought that my achievement was pretty impressive. I hooked a present up for my other half… My very own original pattern! A sort of monster money box… It was something that just popped into my head one evening and I just had to rush off and give it a go.


We have named him Marvin Money!

One of the presents I made was a simple hat. Light grey and white with a grey bow and turquoise edge.



I was in such a fluff, fliff, faff finishing the mittens, that the other and unfortunately they were wrapped and ribboned before I even had a chance to think about taking a picture. They were a lovely turquoise blue with a white, shell edging around the wrist. I also hooked up two small, white bows that I sewed onto the backs at the bottom. The mittens took a lot longer than I had anticipated as there was one row of rebels then another of singles to add a ribbed edge. The pattern also had instructions to add cables onto the back – which I may say looked really lovely – but I just did not have time!  I think at some point I will make another pair of the mittens with no time constrictions and therefore time to add the cables.

The pattern is found here if you are interested.

Disappointingly I have only managed to hook a few rows of a hexipuff – despite my constant attempts to have a dozen hooked up before my return to England. I constantly  carry my sock yarn, a hook and the pattern in my bag!


If only I could slow time down a little – I could get more done!



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