Resolutions, goals, ambitions, desires, objectives. A few typical words that float around at the end of each year.

Now I enjoy writing to-do lists… Completing them – well that’s another story… Although I do always try my best!

Here are my “to-do’s” for 2013.

1) Finish a blanket – finally! Hopefully my ripple blanket.

2)  Learn to knit. I think there can be nothing lost from learning new skills and there are some beautiful items of knitting that I would like to have a go at.

3) Attend another craft fair! A little better prepared and with chairs! I managed to jumble together a selection of small crocheted items I had made along with a few items from a friends and had a stall at a nearby Christmas market. Although in our haste we didn’t take chairs to sit on… It was a long day!

4) Write! Write! Write! Write! Write! I need to dedicate some time to my fiction. Perhaps I should include some time management practice within number 5 on my list.

5) Read 10 books (No need to be too ambitious, goal must be achievable)

6) Study more and spend less!

7 ) Continue to crochet – new projects, patterns and stitches!

8) Practice piano daily!

9) Blog. Focusing on quality and not quantity.

10) Meditate. Meditation is a good way to focus the mind and I think a way to learn patience. This year I would like to learn the basics of meditation.

11) I forgot the most important one!! Uni Work! This should be top of the list really, oops!

I shall imagine, that as I hope to keep my blog up to date with my progress it will also inadvertently motivate me to achieve my aims. I may even add a few as the months pass.

I hope you enjoy following my progress with “to-dos”.



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