A Little Crochet Update

During the last couple of weeks I have spent much of my time idea brewing and inspiration mixing. I have started to write, well actually  doodle all of my ideas. So I found an abandoned sketch pad under my bed and have been putting it to good use! I have already gone crazy with doodles and ideas  about projects I intend to work on this year. It has been doodledoodledoodle! I have actually enjoyed taking pen to paper  and the more I doodle the more ideas I have! Now any time I am stuck for a project (unlikely with all the ones I have on the go at the minute) I can flip through and pick one out!

Recently due to time constrictions I have been working on some little, tiny, small items…

A Mug Hugger.


I made a mug warmer for a friend as a thank you present . I actually loved how this turned out and I managed to use up the rest of my rowan colourspun yarn! I wonder if it will keep tea warmer for longer?? I can definitely see more mug warmers on the hooky horizon!



A selection of envelopes and teeny tiny pockets.





I thought these envelopes were really sweet – small enough to keep little notes in or to protect my jewellery when I am not wearing it. I can just pop them into my handbag for safekeeping.

The final thing I have slowly been hooking away at is…

My Beautiful Rolling Ripple Blanket.




Thanks for reading




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