Attempted Yarn Bombing!


I saw that One Sheepish Girl is hosting a yarn bomb a long and I thought “I’ve got to have a go, this is brilliant!”. I haven’t done any yarn bombing yet – partially because I think I might get told off if someone saw me trying to hang something on a sign or on a fence and this thought deterred me slightly. But last night I had a revelation, a spark of courage and I thought, “it’s removable, it’s pretty and colourful so… Why not!” I also really enjoy the community aspect that these kind of events inspire and it’s been lovely looking at all the places around the world where people have participated.

Encouraged and inspired after seeing some of the other yarn  bomb photos on twitter,  I hooked up ten lilac hearts with a dark purple loop to hang them up and loooook! They look rather cute all huddling together. Though not for long! Their fate was destined for a fence, a tree, a bench, a sign or anywhere that will have them!


One Single Heart



All did not go as planned on my first day of yarn bombing! My house mate, a friend and I decided to go on a little adventure in his 1970’s mini cooper (absolutely lush) to a “Ye Olde English Pub” somewhere hidden in the English countryside. This is as far as we got unfortunately… The idea. The poor mini broke down before we could manage to leave our city boundaries.


  We broke down in the middle of a steep hill, I know, I know not the best place but      hey, couldn’t be helped! Kindly two other gentlemen helped us push it up the hill to this road and after a very, very, very long wait (it was dark before we left) we managed to get home.

Aside from this unfortunate incident .. I STILL wanted to yarn bomb, and this lovely street had the pleasure of my lilac hearts.

My Yarn Bombs









So I would say for my first yarn bombing – I will definitely be finding time next week to bomb the rest of my hearts and will be looking to do a few more yarn bombs in the future, it was a lot of fun – I would say it was a success and a half!

To round off the day we had a cup of Revelation Tea – So unusual but a lovely subtle flavour. It’s a flower that blooms as it brews.



Thanks for reading!


Surprise! A Granny Square Blanket.


This is one of my larger projects I mentioned at the bottom of my last post! It’s the typical granny square blanket that seems to be an iconic staple of the crochet world. I thought “I can live without one no more!”

I started this a few weeks ago when I was idly wondering what to do with my leftover bits of yarn so in essence this is a stash busting blanket. Every colour I own will feature in this psychedelic granny square blanket. I think I like psychedelic colours! Do you remember my psychedelic birds?  Although I didn’t have a very good camera back then!

Anyway back to my granny square Psychedelic blanket!










As you can see there are a few loose ends… Either I will gather the courage to weave all of them in at the end… OR…  attempt to hide them with a backing sheet sewn on, sort of like a quilt.

I am enjoying this blanket as it’s quick, cheery, cheap (I don’t need to buy any yarn) and very visually stimulating.

Thanks for reading


Oh Oh a post!

Oh dear, it seems that crochet and consequently blogging have had to take a back seat in my life for the moment! But hey, no fear! The well known cliché “it’s quality and not quantity” is keeping me patient and instead of a string of not-so-good posts I would rather do one decent post every now and then, subjectively speaking of course.

 I am hoping to turn around my lack of hooking/posting in the coming months as things begin to calm down and I have more time on my hands, so please bare with me! I have a myriad of ideas for projects – some of which I hope are quite unique – that I want to start and then share for your opinions.

So this is just a quick update on some of the little things that I have had a chance to hook up.

My Miniature Forest

I do not have green fingers and in my cold student house plants or life of any kind struggle to survive. So I decided that perhaps I could fashion my own bit of life. Something nice and green to look at occasionally during the times when I’m in the depths of my revision and also to brighten up my slightly grim room.


They are a little wonky and as you can see they are different sizes but that it the beauty of nature. No two things are alike! It also allows me the opportunity to not really concentrate whilst I am hooking, or in fact worry about how many stitches there are on this round, whether I need to increase or decrease or how many single crochets before a double. The beauty of this project is that in differences and imperfections of the trees there lies the nature (hopefully).


 I didn’t follow any kind of pattern I just sort of made it up as I went along. I do not want any two trees to be the same… I want some short and some fat, some a little crooked and some straight! I hope to make this garden around the size of a shoebox lid then I will stitch the forest to the lid so it has a firm foundation and a kind of frame.

And wonderfully this project has sparked many more ideas…

So what else have I been hooking?

Apiary Puffs!


I have not forgotten about my wonderful apiary puff blanket. I am slowly puffing away when I get a minute to spare. Although 5 doesn’t seem a lot I am rather pleased considering how time consuming the little fellows are! I won’t be stuffing and stitching until I have around 20 so I have a better idea of the colour scheme.

I even purchased a small carry case to keep all my Apiary Puff essentials safe.


So thanks for reading! These are just two of the smaller projects I am working on in the moments I have spare (I think recently I have been making quite a few small things like my mug warmer). I have one or two more, larger projects that I would like to share but alas it shall have to wait a little while longer.