Surprise! A Granny Square Blanket.


This is one of my larger projects I mentioned at the bottom of my last post! It’s the typical granny square blanket that seems to be an iconic staple of the crochet world. I thought “I can live without one no more!”

I started this a few weeks ago when I was idly wondering what to do with my leftover bits of yarn so in essence this is a stash busting blanket. Every colour I own will feature in this psychedelic granny square blanket. I think I like psychedelic colours! Do you remember my psychedelic birds?  Although I didn’t have a very good camera back then!

Anyway back to my granny square Psychedelic blanket!










As you can see there are a few loose ends… Either I will gather the courage to weave all of them in at the end… OR…  attempt to hide them with a backing sheet sewn on, sort of like a quilt.

I am enjoying this blanket as it’s quick, cheery, cheap (I don’t need to buy any yarn) and very visually stimulating.

Thanks for reading



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