Yarn Bomb – London

Well it has indeed been a long while since my last post! However, no fear, I have many wonderfully exciting posts coming shortly!  Bring on my last exam and the rest of my life with an abundance of time and a seemingly endless fountain of ideas! I am very excited.

This week I had the chance to go down to good old London and I thought “what a brilliant opportunity to yarn bomb!” It was an opportunity I could not and did not want to pass up on.

On our very unplanned exploration of the underground and the city I sneakily planted a few teeny tiny pieces of yarn love!

I had a few hearts left from my last yarn bomb adventure! I also made a few new ones out of some funky multicoloured psychedelic yarn! Everyone needs a little bit of psychedelic love!




I used the same pattern from attic24 because they are so simple and sweet, each one takes less than five minutes!





I actually felt really nervous about the idea of yarn bombing in London, feelings that were similar to the first time I yarn bombed! I had to have a firm chat with myself and just go for it! I’m proud of the results, though they are only a few because time flies in London and even if you give yourself all day it still isn’t quite enough!



I like how this heart is slightly out of focus, in the background you can see the name of the cafe in which we stopped to have a nice warming hot chocolate!



Thanks for reading !



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