Crochet hearts hearts hearts hearts hearts!

Warning! Warning! Warning! 

Flashing Hearts. 

perfect gif i am using took ages


I am very proud of this little display of my slowly improving technophile knowledge!

This is also a glimpse of my current croceht project/adventure… !



3 thoughts on “Crochet hearts hearts hearts hearts hearts!

  1. Looks fun! When I first started blogging, back when Windows Spaces was the ‘In’ place to have a blog at, we called those flashing GIFs ‘blinkies.’ I used to make them, actually, but have since misplaced the animation program I used. Nicely done on the GIF, and on the crocheted hearts, too!


    • Haha I really like the term blinkies, it sounds endearing!
      Thanks, it took me a while initially to work it out but once I had it I made quite a few! I’m hoping to learn much more about photoshop and animation! Thanks for following.


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