A Little Find

Remember my first attempt at yarn bombing? Well… guess what!

A lovely lady found my crochet hearts and gave them a good home! Look here!


Her blog is lovely to and I think you should have a little look just to make sure.

I was amazed and pleased and super excited that she had found the hearts and luckily stumbled across my blog to tell me. That first time yarn bombing I was so worried someone would throw them away or even see me planting them and tell me off!

It was also lovely to receive positive feedback that displaced my worries and encouraged me to continue yarn bombing in bigger cities and even making slightly bigger pieces! I’m sure many artists, knitters, writers and well anybody that creates loves that feeling. When someone tells you, even with a few words, that they enjoyed your work or liked your latest creation. I guess it’s part of the motivation that inspires and encourages people to keep crafting. It has also encouraged me to continue to comment on posts if someone has created something I like or think is totally awesome. Rather than clicking onto another page.

Thanks for stopping by!



3 thoughts on “A Little Find

  1. How wonderful that your yarn bombs came back around to you! My pay phone yarn bomb went missing the other day and on the same day someone sent me a pic of someone wearing it in a bar. So, not necessarily a good home, but totally the same as what happened to you! I completely agree about the feelings that snowball out of yarn bombing. I felt the same way when I started, and it has made me grow in wonderfully unexpected ways. What are you planning to yarn bomb next?


    • I know! Im soo pleased!

      Ohh nooo! Hopefully they appreciated the time and effort that you put into that and put it somewhere safe or maybe even back where they found it.

      I have the Love Squares in my gif (so many ideas for other gifs, i’m very excited!) that i plan to put somewhere, destination undecided as of yet… following that… i have something a little different in mind. Im working on a prototype at the moment lol


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