Crochet Yarn Bombing – Sevilla, Spain.


E’s hands here,  he is attaching the first yarn bomb on the Metropol Parasol.


a little bit of love for the whole of Sevilla.


Thought I would say “Hello!” Can you see the Love Square in the background?



Second Love Square. Just near the Giralda.


P1040857It looks hidden here but you can see it if you look closely.


A Love Sqaure for the Plaza de Espana – One of my favourite places in the world.


A view of the fountain.

P1040915Can you spot it?

I thought I would let the photos speak for themselves. What do you think? Please feel free to comment, I would love to know!

Remember the Love Squares from my gif?

I absolutely loved (as my yarn bombing partner  in crime did) this adventure and I learnt quite a lot as well.

Firstly I learnt that no one is really looking at you (unless of course you are dancing and screaming or naked or something) even if you think they are, most people are oblivious to their surroundings and so, most of my yarn bombing activities, whilst I was setting them up went completely and beautifully unnoticed.

We were like secret yarn bombing agents… One minute standing around acting touristy, the next PUFF, gone in a trail of yarn! Anyway, this realisation meant there was no reason to panic. The first yarn bomb… Oh dear I was so panicked and worried someone would stop us or the wooden structure police (non-existent) would grab me. Of course that didn’t happen. Why I have these crazy fears I don’t know but I’m pleased to say, by the third yarn bomb Love Square they had disappeared and I felt like a yarny rebel. Spreading love around Sevilla.

I also learnt that for some, yarn bombing may be silly, or not their kind of thing (fair enough!)  but for me it really took me out of my comfort zone – despite my previous yarn bombing ventures . Doing something a little daring, different or new is good for the mind and body! Even as I type this I feel brave. Pondering how I can go bigger and hopefully better next time!

Lastly I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce myself and what I look like. It is nice to have a face and a person to put to these words, pictures and creations! I have been a little shy and you could say hiding but my confidence has grown and here I am! Hello!  This is my blog and I am proud.

Thank you for reading! I hope everyone had a good bank holiday. What did you all get up to?



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