Stash Bust 2013… Or is it?

The Stash. 


Oh dear.

I can already tell that I have a habit or an addiction! To yarn. I think you can probably tell as well. I was going to participate in this years stash bust that I have seen around the blogosphere, but alas I had a small revelation. I thought… what is the aim of a Stash Bust? Well to me personally it would mean to get rid of all my stash. Now that would in some ways be a good thing. It would, for one, free up a lot of space. Now more space in ones life is always a positive thing. It is room to breath, space to relax and best of all no clutter to look at. (not that I am calling my yarn clutter!) Secondly a stash bust would rid me of all those half finished random balls of  yarn that really are doing nothing more than getting into a tangle. That would be a good thing in my books, I end up with handfuls of tangled yarn sometimes and it is not a pleasant site.


The entire premise of that previous thought train is based on one thing. The fact that I have accumulated, some may say an excessive, amount of Stash. The cause of that accumulation being my crochet, knitting and yarn addiction. Getting, or attempting to get rid of my stash I think would be futile.  I see this blessing (or curse depending on who you are and how you look at it) of an addiction as a lifelong affliction and to Stash Bust now is only the suppressing of a symptom whose cause is something else entirely. I would only then have to go and fawn over the colours and skeins in a yarn shop to get a small high before splurging on some beautifully soft Rowans or brightly coloured cygnet.


That does not mean I will not be trying to control and manage my stash. I shall be and I guess in essence I will be busting my stash or as hannah ackroyd said in a turn of phrase I like, I shall be “slashing my stash” as much as I can. I am going to curb my yarn accumulating (which I have recently, I have been very good) and save all those half finished balls in a special – impossible to tangle- itself place because you never know when you are half way through a project and suddenly you need a stripe of red or a few rounds on a granny square of lilac.


Do you have a huge stash? Are you participating in the stash bust 2013?

Thanks for reading



4 thoughts on “Stash Bust 2013… Or is it?

  1. I’m definitely not participating, even though my husband would probably love to see the disappearance of the random balls of yarn throughout our house. However, like you, I have an addiction to yarn and can’t bear to part with it when there might be a use for it at some point later down the road. No stashbusting for me. ^_^


  2. Ooh good luck in the challenge and that’s for the link! Surprisingly, since committing to the challenge I haven’t bought ANY yarn! It won’t last because I need some for a project but I don’t think it counts as long as it is being used and not stashed…I haven’t managed to clear much space yet but the balls that I already have stashed are shrinking! I can’t wait to hear about your progress 🙂


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