BJC 2013 and a Spring Yarn Bomb

Alert! Alert! Picture Heavy Post!





BJC 2013

This year was my first trip to the British Juggling Convention! A weekend of camping, juggling, shows, crochetting, games and of course –  a little Yarn Bombing!

The Convention itself was awesome. It went by in a blur. I highly recommend it and I cannot wait to go to the European Juggling Convention in Toulouse, France.


 I made 4 of these Spring Flower bouquets. I chose them because, well actually, my original yarn bombing plan didn’t work out so (more on that another time after I work out some kinks) I thought “what could I make that is quick, easy and cute?” I searched around a while and found these cuties on attic24. They are called May Roses! Head on over and check them out. They are so simple and brilliant for beginners as it includes all the basic stitches  From slip stitch  single crochet, double crochet, half treble and treble crochet. Which you repeat numerous times. They do not take long to make either. I was thinking I might even crochet a few more and turn them into brooches or sew them onto bags/plain jumpers.  Very decorative indeed.


Yarn Bombing Juggley Equpment! 

What an idea, however very impractical. Though it was fun whilst it lasted.


It is a little bit of a blur but can you see it on my clubs? (That is me by the way!) 


As the flowers fell from my clubs almost immediately I decided to brighten up the hall a little bit! It was very dusty.


I like how in the picture above the flowers are clear and below you can see the Juggling Hall.


So, despite the first failed attempt at yarn bombing Juggley equipment I thought I would try again and yarn bomb my friends Chris’s lovely diablo.


It looked awesome spinning around at Who Knows what speed and you can barely see it… However it flew out after a few seconds! But hey, you gotta take chances and occasionally and do something a little different.


On Saturday night at the Convention the whole camp headed into Scarborough town centre to see the Professional Juggling shows at the Hall. The acts were INCREDIBLE.

We had a few hours to kill and apart from some sea side juggling, ice cream and wet toes we managed to yarn bomb a local sea side harbour.


I think it looks great! I love the boats in the background. I have always had a soft spot for the sea.


Even the seagulls thought it looked interesting!


They all came over to have a little peak.


So all in all a brilliant weekend!

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Thanks for reading! How has your weekend been?



One thought on “BJC 2013 and a Spring Yarn Bomb

  1. Oh my gosh, that is so cute! Never done anything like juggling (maybe a little, with two apples 😉 but that is it) – I like your sweet Spring flower bouquets and I also love patterns from Attic24 – just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and I am definitely going to follow your yarn bombing challenges 🙂


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