Tiny Granny Squares Dance


I made a short video featuring some dancing granny squares!


I would have to pay and upgrade to feature it on here *sad face* so for anyone that would like to see I have posted it on my facebook page.



6 thoughts on “Tiny Granny Squares Dance

  1. That is a shame. Now that you have it on your facebook page can you link back to the URL of that in add media and get it onto your page that way? After all that work you have done it belongs on here!! *stamping my feet loudly*.


  2. The way I do is upload it to youtube.
    Then if you copy that link into your post window like so [ youtube = “link address” ]
    But without the spaces it will embed the link for you.
    I did a video if you look for 4kcbwday5 on my blog you’ll see how it looks.
    It’s another option.


      • Don’t use the link option, just copy and paste the address in.
        I always use the HTML editor though because I’m comfortable with my own code. Hope it all works out.


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