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Crochet “circle in a square” Granny Sqaures


Here is my decorative circle in a square crochet piece. Initially I had envisioned that I would make my first cushion cover but I didn’t like how thin the yarn was (Acrylic – I know I know, I vow to start buying decent quality yarn) and so when I had finished up all my circle-squares I decided it would look really nice in a frame and on a wall somewhere, probably in my mums kitchen. She has a calming sky blue blank wall and I think it would look fantastic up there. I just need to find a frame for it.

I loved crochetting up all the circles in squares but joining them all together was a pain in the butt! It took much longer than I anticipated. Perhaps due to the technique that I used which was sewing them together, next time I might try and crochet them together.

Here it is half finished!


I added a border to give it a more “finished” look and I like the way the shells make it look more feminine and pretty.

Here is a glimpse of the border up close. It is a simple shell pattern

(3 treble crochet in one stitch, skip 1 stitch, single crochet in the next stitch, 3 treble crochet in the next stitch – repeat all the way round)

Very simple and quick but a lovely finish.


Here are the circles up close.


 Though I do have quite a few projects on my hook at the moment, I really enjoyed hooking up this piece and it’s nice to have a finished project! It only took me two days.  I love the feeling of a finished piece. I feel like I have actually accomplished something which is a mighty good feeling.

What are your current projects? I’d love to here about them or even see them – leave a link to your blog.

Thanks for reading


Tea-riffic – Cream Tea


Next to the boating lake in Southwold there is a wonderful little tea room serving delicious cakes and sandwiches. A wonderful place to have a rest after snooping through Vintage Markets! I just couldn’t resist having a cream tea. Clotted cream, strawberry jam, a freshly baked scone as big as my fist sprinkled with icing sugar and some delicious strawberries! My mouth is watering again at the thought. I think the cream tea is one of my personal favourite teas or at least top 3!



AFTER… about three seconds…



I think that last photo says it all really.


5 of out 5 cups. Without a shadow of a doubt.


Thanks for reading! Do you like cream teas?


Southwold – Part 1 of 2.

a home from home.


I have been staying in Southwold, on family holidays, for over 7/8 years now and I enjoy it more and more with every visit. It is so peaceful and serene and it always has something new to offer. This year I felt very busy indeed, from shopping in vintage markets to theatre trips and brewery tours! Although I did spend a lot of time with my family including my three younger siblings, who, whilst adorable can be a handful (or two) at times.

Vintage Market






I found so many adorable bits of crochet and knitting dotted around the market!





I just loved having a snoop around the Vintage market. All the huts were decorated and had their own individual style and personality, no two were the same. I must say that I resisted buying anything… Being a graduate means saving some pennies… No matter how tempted I am.

Thanks for reading – part 2 coming soon!


Tea-rrific – Organic Jasmine Blossom and Green Tea


Despite the weather at the moment I can never resist a cup of tea, especially one which I have not tried before. I am really enjoying trying all these new teas, only a few years ago I would have turned my nose up at anything that wasn’t a normal builders brew, but now I relish trying any new tea I find!

At the moment I’m staying with family whilst working in London and after a root around their tea stores I found this one. Organic Jasmine Blossom and Green Tea by Good Earth. Now, I like green tea and I like Jasmine tea however I wasn’t that keen on this combination. I think I may have left it to brew for too long and the green tea, if left too long in the water acquires a slightly bitter taste.


I absolutely love the design on the packaging, simple and feminine, that is what initially attracted me to this particular tea as it sat quietly amongst the others. However, perhaps the combination did not quite work or I let it brew too long and the green tea added a slight hum of bitterness, whatever the cause I just wasn’t a huge fan of the flavour.

 A disappointing 2 out of a possible 5 cups.


Do you recommend any summer teas?


Granny Square Sleeve




I have well and truly got back into my hooking! Yay! It felt as though I hadn’t picked up a crochet hook in such a long time.

I have been desperate to make some kind of jumper ever since I first learnt to hook. So last weekend after I purchased some acrylic yarn, at the most unlikely of places (the post office) I sat in the garden and started hooking. I didn’t really have a particular plan, I just liked the colours and  I was adamant that I would be using the granny square as the basis of my jumper. I started hooking granny squares and then I started stitching them together and…




The start of my jumper… My sleeve. Its not perfect, and not exactly what I had in mind but its my first one and I’m pretty pleased with what I have achieved so far.

I have also managed to begin some new projects and have some Big Ideas but more on that another time.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a lovely summer so far and enjoying this wonderfully lovely weather. What are your summer projects?


Elderflower Fritters

What a busy few months it has been! I cannot believe how much time has passed since I last posted! I’ve finished University, moved out, taken a well needed holiday (or two), got a new job and I have graduation on the horizon! All very exciting but it has left little time for crochet… I have experienced some serious yarny withdrawal symptoms. However I am, now I am settling down, getting back into my crochet!

I spent a few days in Loughton, Essex. A very lovely place indeed and situated on the edge of the absolutely stunning Epping Forest. We spent a lot of time walking and exploring it. At the moment as it is the perfect time for elderflowers, a friend (Sop) and I decided that we had to use them for some kind of recipe. We pushed away any cordial or alcohol recipes because of the high sugar content. After a little research Sop came across the Elderflower Fritter recipe, found here or here. Sorry in advance for the bad quality photos i took them on my phone rather than my camera. 

We made a small batch of very light batter and dipped the Elderflowers in the batter so all the flower heads were covered and then in the deep fat fryer they went.


I think the oil was around 170 degrees! Ouch. The batter caused the oil to bubble and froth.


We let the Elderflowers cool for a few minutes on some tin foil and as they cooled we dribbled some delicious honey over them.


They actually looked really appetising and smelt lovely.



…and suffice to say, they did not last long at all. 



SO! Make the most of the elderflower season, Eldeflowers have a really lovely but subtle taste. There are many other recipes that you can experiment with like this, this or this. But I wholeheartedly recommend the Elderflower Fritters there is something strangely satisfying about munching on some tiny, delicate flowers.