Elderflower Fritters

What a busy few months it has been! I cannot believe how much time has passed since I last posted! I’ve finished University, moved out, taken a well needed holiday (or two), got a new job and I have graduation on the horizon! All very exciting but it has left little time for crochet… I have experienced some serious yarny withdrawal symptoms. However I am, now I am settling down, getting back into my crochet!

I spent a few days in Loughton, Essex. A very lovely place indeed and situated on the edge of the absolutely stunning Epping Forest. We spent a lot of time walking and exploring it. At the moment as it is the perfect time for elderflowers, a friend (Sop) and I decided that we had to use them for some kind of recipe. We pushed away any cordial or alcohol recipes because of the high sugar content. After a little research Sop came across the Elderflower Fritter recipe, found here or here. Sorry in advance for the bad quality photos i took them on my phone rather than my camera. 

We made a small batch of very light batter and dipped the Elderflowers in the batter so all the flower heads were covered and then in the deep fat fryer they went.


I think the oil was around 170 degrees! Ouch. The batter caused the oil to bubble and froth.


We let the Elderflowers cool for a few minutes on some tin foil and as they cooled we dribbled some delicious honey over them.


They actually looked really appetising and smelt lovely.



…and suffice to say, they did not last long at all. 



SO! Make the most of the elderflower season, Eldeflowers have a really lovely but subtle taste. There are many other recipes that you can experiment with like this, this or this. But I wholeheartedly recommend the Elderflower Fritters there is something strangely satisfying about munching on some tiny, delicate flowers.



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