Granny Square Sleeve




I have well and truly got back into my hooking! Yay! It felt as though I hadn’t picked up a crochet hook in such a long time.

I have been desperate to make some kind of jumper ever since I first learnt to hook. So last weekend after I purchased some acrylic yarn, at the most unlikely of places (the post office) I sat in the garden and started hooking. I didn’t really have a particular plan, I just liked the colours and  I was adamant that I would be using the granny square as the basis of my jumper. I started hooking granny squares and then I started stitching them together and…




The start of my jumper… My sleeve. Its not perfect, and not exactly what I had in mind but its my first one and I’m pretty pleased with what I have achieved so far.

I have also managed to begin some new projects and have some Big Ideas but more on that another time.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a lovely summer so far and enjoying this wonderfully lovely weather. What are your summer projects?



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