Tea-rrific – Organic Jasmine Blossom and Green Tea


Despite the weather at the moment I can never resist a cup of tea, especially one which I have not tried before. I am really enjoying trying all these new teas, only a few years ago I would have turned my nose up at anything that wasn’t a normal builders brew, but now I relish trying any new tea I find!

At the moment I’m staying with family whilst working in London and after a root around their tea stores I found this one. Organic Jasmine Blossom and Green Tea by Good Earth. Now, I like green tea and I like Jasmine tea however I wasn’t that keen on this combination. I think I may have left it to brew for too long and the green tea, if left too long in the water acquires a slightly bitter taste.


I absolutely love the design on the packaging, simple and feminine, that is what initially attracted me to this particular tea as it sat quietly amongst the others. However, perhaps the combination did not quite work or I let it brew too long and the green tea added a slight hum of bitterness, whatever the cause I just wasn’t a huge fan of the flavour.

 A disappointing 2 out of a possible 5 cups.


Do you recommend any summer teas?



5 thoughts on “Tea-rrific – Organic Jasmine Blossom and Green Tea

  1. I love apple mint (best straight from the garden) and linden blossom (fragrant and girlishly pink).
    Have you tried white tea with jasmine? Much more delicate without the bitterness of the green tea.


    • That sounds delicious! Id love to use herbs from my garden to make tea, what a great idea.
      I haven’t tried that one, I shall have a look out and see if I can pick up a box. Thanks for that recommendation, I think i will definitely be picking some herbs and doing some tea experimentation!


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