Wild Blackberry Ice Cream



Wow finally it is Friday! Can we all take a few moments to breath a sigh of relief?! Go on! Sit back and take a few deep breaths.

Feeling better? Me too šŸ˜€

One more week of this sublime summer has passed, slipping through my fingers like sand. I can feel myself falling behind on my crochet, knitting and sadly my blogging. However I cannot groan and nor can I grumble because I have been preoccupied with some awesome adventures. Last week I stewarded for the first time with Oxfam at Boomtown festival, which was Wild. A weekend to remember. I am stewarding for Oxfam at two more festivals – Shambala and Bestival. Both of which I am seriously looking forward to. I think at the end of the summer I shall do a post or two which summaries my experiences of stewarding and the festivals.

This week I have been able to catch up with my dad and my two younger sisters. We went GeocachingĀ Ā (check it out – so much fun, especially if you have children. I have now taken all five siblings and they loved it.) Whilst we were out caching we found some blackberries growing wild! Suffice to say I got very excited and pulled some crisp packets out of my pockets ( we had no other containers) and spent a while picking blackberries.

We decided we would make Blackberry Ice Cream! The recipe I used is fromĀ Nigella,Ā the simplest one we found that didn’t involve an ice cream maker.


We boiled up the blackberries with sugar and a little drop of water. The colours looked incredible and the smell was mouth watering.


It took both my sisters, my dad and I to whisk the cream!



We mixed the blackberries, which we sieved into a puree, with the whipped cream.


Then we poured the mixture into our ice cream pot. It looked absolutely delicious.

It was delious and I must say that it didn’t last long, but we do have a lasting reminder.


The blackberries dyed our spoon!

What summer recipes have you been tasting? Any recommendations?