Purl City Yarns – Yarn Shop

My Other Half and I spent a day and night “up North” in Manchester last week for the Sigur Ros gig at Jodrell Bank.  As we had some time to spare in the morning I couldn’t help but seek out a nearby yarn store and I was in luck! I found out that Purl City Yarns was situated on the road behind  the Hatters Hostel we were staying at (fantastic hostel by the way – free tea and toast 24/7)…. anyway, we wandered over to Purl City with a pen, camera and of course a bank card. You have to be prepared for all eventualities, even if it includes spending! Right?


 It lived on the corner of Port Street.


Ayeeeee!! So many beautiful yarns! I spent a lot of time wandering around… Lost in a world of yarn.


Look at the colours, the textures, the shapes, the yarn!


I absolutely loved this, a weaved knitting ball and HUGE needles. Fantastic.


This was my favourite item in the shop. I love the style and the colours are just fabulous. The faded style in each pattern that detail is just perfect. You can find the pattern somewhere on Raverly.


And Look! My other half (also having fallen in love with yarn and its beautiful array of colours and textures) decided he just had to have this yarn – for me –  he wanted me to make him a hat!


Well I wasn’t going to say no was I? It  is so soft and I absolutely adore that hand spun feel, the thickness varying constantly. Its so… Handmade.P1070244

And here he is, my Other Half! Tiredly, after a long day and night, helping me wind my new scrumptious yarn into a ball. What a star.


Thanks for reading! How has your summer been?? Any new yarn-y purchasers?