Escape to Southwold

Last weekend I had the pleasure of tagging along with my family to Southwold… Again! As we luckily have access to a family owned place down there we get to visit pretty often – and I love it. Southwold is so quaint, relaxed and I always enjoy an opportunity to visit, even for a few days.

The journey to Southwold from here in the Midlands is a long one, and with three children aged 5 or under it can seem never ending, so to break the journey up a little we visited Bury St Edmunds.

“In the centre of Bury St Edmunds lie the remains of an abbey, surrounded by the Abbey Gardens, a park. The abbey is a shrine to Saint Edmund, the Saxon King of the East Angles”. My siblings have a fascination with ruins so we spent a lot of time exploring the site and with autumn approaching I got a bit snap happy. The colours in the gardens were so rich and delicious!



I spied a squirrel burying his nut! 


The colours are absolutely gorgeous! I may have to follow Lucy’s lead over at Attic24 and make an autumn wreath!





Here are some snaps of the ruins.





A snap of my happy little brother!


I like to induldge! This isnt just a hot chocolate, it isn’t just a hot chocolate with cream! It’s a Hot Chocolate Special. 


Also, despite our busy schedule, I managed to grab half an hour with my little sister to visit the local yarn shop! The Wibbling Wools! It was lovely inside, as is any space filled with yarn. I liked how light and open Wibbling Wools is and I love the fact you can grab a coffee after a long yarn spree.



I did actually manage to get a lot of hooking in! I worked all the way to the waistband on my Pleated Cardigan (here is the official pattern) and started a sleeve. I finished reading a book too. My mum and I always like to find a bargain so we visited two of the Vintage Markets on Southwold’s main street. This one was in the Consevative Club. I actually stumbled across a small wooden basket and hidden underneath a pile of blankets was many, many balls of wool. I was very good and only bought one! Light blue, mohair, soft as what I imagine a cloud feels like. This will feature in a future post as it will be used to make more Hexipuffs!



Southwold has a lot of green space. This is because many years ago, well loads actually (1659) there was a huge fire which destroyed a lot of the town, so cleverly they used green spaces as breaks so if a fire ever happened again these spaces would act as breaks and wouldn’t spread so easily.


A lovely view of the beach and the famous little beach huts that sit hugging the shore.


I managed to snap a few of my hooking!


I had to get my mum to help me snap a few photos of me and hilarity ensued when I realised she couldn’t use my camera and I wanted a particular “look” to my photo! That was fun and we got one good one at least! (I think :D)


Phewwwwwwwwwwww! Wow that was a super long post, apologies if you got bored half way through!

Anyway I had a lovely few days away and now I’m back home, happy and hooking!

Stay Tuned!


ps – just to let you know I shall be taking part in this years nanowrimo, I have it all planned out (mostly) and I hope to complete the challenge – by writing the 50,000 words in the 30 days of November. Which means even though I may be glued to my computer, it might not be blogging that I am doing!


Wow. It has been so long since I have sat at a desk and blogged. It feels good to be back again. I have not blogged consistently in absolutely ages and SO MUCH has changed and happened in the last three months. I guess the most important thing to note at the moment is “yes, yes I have been crocheting!” I won’t bore you with too many details but I shall give you my last three months in a nutshell.

I volunteered at three festivals! Shambala, Boomtown and Bestival. All three festivals were so different but absolutely incredible, an awesome experience. I spied a few crochet bits and pieces on my festival travels! Have a ganders below.

Love this guy rocking a granny square cardigan – retro.




Granny Square Quilts!



I know this isn’t knit or crochet but how awesome and HUGE is this sofa!!


So the festivals were incredible, I took part in some workshops and role plays ( a funeral and wedding – strange I know!) I went to a talk and some saw awesome bands including Elton John, Bastille and Franz Ferdinand.

After the craziness of the festival season ended I celebrated my birthday with my family! A picnic and some geocaching, a perfect day.

Wollotan Hall


The deer can roam freely so you can get pretty darn close.




The Family!


E having fun :p


Finally it was time for me and E to flat hunt! Luckily we found a flat in one day! So that wasn’t too much of a drama and since the beginning of September we have been slowly unpacking, decorating and settling in! We only just had our internet hooked up the other day so Iv’e spent some time catching up on three months worth of blog reading and internet stalking. Now I finally have a chance to write a post! I’m going to post a few pictures, another whistle stop tour of what has been happening in the flat and since we moved in! Its just a little taste !


 It doesn’t look much now but… just give me time! I have a million and two ideas. 



Just a splash of yarn and things are already looking good.


No home is complete without bunting!


Granny Square accessories are a must for any crafty space.


A sneak peak of my current, but yes, one of my many WIP’s. You can keep updated on my raverly page too.


Still hooking away on my Granny Square blanket – one round can take me about 30 to 40 minutes! 


Apologies! That was a super long post but I hope you enjoyed the update! Now I am finally settled, well almost, I can get back to some serious hooking and blogging!

How was your summer!?