Escape to Southwold

Last weekend I had the pleasure of tagging along with my family to Southwold… Again! As we luckily have access to a family owned place down there we get to visit pretty often – and I love it. Southwold is so quaint, relaxed and I always enjoy an opportunity to visit, even for a few days.

The journey to Southwold from here in the Midlands is a long one, and with three children aged 5 or under it can seem never ending, so to break the journey up a little we visited Bury St Edmunds.

“In the centre of Bury St Edmunds lie the remains of an abbey, surrounded by the Abbey Gardens, a park. The abbey is a shrine to Saint Edmund, the Saxon King of the East Angles”. My siblings have a fascination with ruins so we spent a lot of time exploring the site and with autumn approaching I got a bit snap happy. The colours in the gardens were so rich and delicious!



I spied a squirrel burying his nut! 


The colours are absolutely gorgeous! I may have to follow Lucy’s lead over at Attic24 and make an autumn wreath!





Here are some snaps of the ruins.





A snap of my happy little brother!


I like to induldge! This isnt just a hot chocolate, it isn’t just a hot chocolate with cream! It’s a Hot Chocolate Special. 


Also, despite our busy schedule, I managed to grab half an hour with my little sister to visit the local yarn shop! The Wibbling Wools! It was lovely inside, as is any space filled with yarn. I liked how light and open Wibbling Wools is and I love the fact you can grab a coffee after a long yarn spree.



I did actually manage to get a lot of hooking in! I worked all the way to the waistband on my Pleated Cardigan (here is the official pattern) and started a sleeve. I finished reading a book too. My mum and I always like to find a bargain so we visited two of the Vintage Markets on Southwold’s main street. This one was in the Consevative Club. I actually stumbled across a small wooden basket and hidden underneath a pile of blankets was many, many balls of wool. I was very good and only bought one! Light blue, mohair, soft as what I imagine a cloud feels like. This will feature in a future post as it will be used to make more Hexipuffs!



Southwold has a lot of green space. This is because many years ago, well loads actually (1659) there was a huge fire which destroyed a lot of the town, so cleverly they used green spaces as breaks so if a fire ever happened again these spaces would act as breaks and wouldn’t spread so easily.


A lovely view of the beach and the famous little beach huts that sit hugging the shore.


I managed to snap a few of my hooking!


I had to get my mum to help me snap a few photos of me and hilarity ensued when I realised she couldn’t use my camera and I wanted a particular “look” to my photo! That was fun and we got one good one at least! (I think :D)


Phewwwwwwwwwwww! Wow that was a super long post, apologies if you got bored half way through!

Anyway I had a lovely few days away and now I’m back home, happy and hooking!

Stay Tuned!


ps – just to let you know I shall be taking part in this years nanowrimo, I have it all planned out (mostly) and I hope to complete the challenge – by writing the 50,000 words in the 30 days of November. Which means even though I may be glued to my computer, it might not be blogging that I am doing!


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