Decorating The Flat

So I mentioned a while ago that I had moved into a new flat with E. Guess what the flat is filled with….





Blank, white walls. Dull, boring and well a bit sad really. As this is a rented property we are slightly restricted with what we can do with the place. Even so its amazing how far some blu tak, coloured card and imagination can take you. I surfed around the internet for an idea to get started and happened across Katie Sokoler and her blog entitled “Colour Me Katie” – an absolute treasure. Her pictures and her posts inspired me, I realised it wasn’t that hard to brighten things up and add some fun! So last week I had my sisters over for the day to help me attack one of these blank walls. 


We were painting and cutting and desinging and blu-taking and drawing and folding – things got very messy!








We cut out lots of these hearts! 


Slowly with some blutak it was time to brighten up the living room wall and add a little fun! After a lot of patience, designing and careful placement – we were done.




We added a whole lotta love to the place! Now the living room feels a little brighter and lighter. 

The process was cheap, simple and very fun! If you want to create something similar all you need is some scissors, coloured card or paper and if you are lucky one or even two very willing and creative sisters!

Have you got any cheap and fun decorating ideas?









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