A New Day

IMG_20131119_124009I took a moment out of my crafting and hooking to take  a morning stroll.


To get a breath of fresh air and revive my creative soul.


The colours of the trees so vibrant, so rich


The beauty of a flower caught, in a single glimpse


The fallen leaves crunched beneath my feet.


It was a wandering, walking, crunching, reviving treat.

Now apart from attempts at poetry and wandering I am up to something crafty, something very crafty indeed! I have been a very busy bunny over the last few days, here at MOL HQ (My Other Loves Head Quarters). This busy-ness has included; learning new skills, using all the ones that I have learnt over the years, reorganising and then subsequently disorganising, photographing, hooking, stitching, frogging, sawing, painting, sticking, sewing, cutting and designing. So due to all of the above things that I have listed – my crafty corner is, well I think describing it as “messy” would be nothing if not polite – but that is the life of a crafter – and a burden I must bare!

OoooOoOooOoOoooO Cryptic!

All shall be revealed in the days ahead.




Thanks for reading guys and gals!

Anything new going on with you?



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