Flower Tea Cosy

My Super Colourful Teapot Cosy.


Look what I hooked up!! A Flower Tea Pot Cosy! Which for time and breath I have shortened to Flowerpot!

I just love a cup of tea. The cold, long nights have arrived and I shall need a pot of tea to see me through these winter nights. I think that cosys are pretty awesome, not only do they keep tea warmer for longer, which of course means that I don’t have to keep getting up to boil the kettle – I know lazy me – it is also really super pretty to gaze at. When I am stuck on a pattern, or need a pop of colour I can always steal a glance of my Flowerpot.


My cosy didn’t take me too long to hook up! The flowers I would say took a little longer to hook up than than the cosy itself.  I used the pattern for the tea cosy from Cute and Easy Crochet but instead of the flower pattern that they provided I used Lucy’s from Attic24’s Mayrose pattern for the flowers. A pattern which I love because it’s so simple yet every flower looks so delightful. Once I began stitching the flowers onto the cosy I just couldn’t wait to finish it and use it!


It has been a while since I have revealed a FO so I am so mega pleased and proud to finally reveal this to you all. I hope you like my flowerpot.


Now I can sit and crochet the day away with an endless supply of tea (so long as I also have an endless supply of yarn)

Thanks for reading!



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