PomPom Fever….

I am definitely suffering from PomPom Fever. I am addicted to making these little balls of fluffy colour and with the pom pom maker it has never been so easy to whip up a batch.

I made so many at the weekend that my bag was overflowing and all I wanted to do was grab handfuls and throw them around and keep making pompoms until our entire floor was covered with them and then I could swim to bed through a rainbow ocean of fluffy, bright, sparkly, soft pompoms.

I will also tell you that these little pompoms will bust your stash until there is no yarn left… I had to go out and buy more. (Not that I am complaining – yarn buying is always a pleasure) PomPoms are stash devourers – ever hungry and ready to munch.


I made as many pompoms as I could.


Then slowly slowly I tied them all on to this rubber no slip mat.


After a few hours I had my finished rug and I LOVE it!


So bright and colourful!

It has added cheer and fluffiness to our little flat.

I think I shall make  an even bigger one for the other room.

Happy New Year!



3 thoughts on “PomPom Fever….

  1. Wow, what a great idea for a rug! Tempted to make a round one for my bedroom.. I have lots of acrylic yarn that is too scratchy to actually make something nice with, perfect for pompoms! I love the colours you used, and the white pompoms really make the other colours pop!


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