Tea-riffic – Sweet Chilli


I’ve gone tea drinking mad recently!

Whilst staying at my friends house for a few days I got to try this very, very unusual tea. I must say it has one of the most unusual flavours I have ever tasted in a tea. Sweet but spicy,  hints of all sorts of spices it even had Liquorice in it.  A very unusual combination of flavours but in my opinion they were a very good combination. Although it did take me quite a few sips to decide whether I liked it or not. If you have a love for the spicy and exotic I highly recommend this tea.



Though this tea is very strange in its spicy yet sweet taste, I like the depth and combination of flavours that you can find within just one small cup.The light orangey/red colour that the water turns  when it has infused in the cup.

I give this tea 4 cups out of 5!






Thanks for reading


ps – if you try this tea, let me know what you think!


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