Turning Green

Recently I have been thinking more and more about being Green and Sustainable and  basically Looking After The Planet. I have been thinking about these three things  from all aspects of my life, from living to eating to working and of course crafting, which shall be the focus of this post.

At present in the craft-o-sphere the trend (I use the word trend loosely) is to Re-use, Reclaim, Recycle and Upcycle. Concepts that I truly like. Occasionally I wonder if these are just one project makes, made in order to follow the trend or whether it is a display of change in the bloggers principals? I guess for some bloggers it may fade out and just live quietly in their bottomless blogging basements where it can only be found in the dusty archival storage.

For me I whole heartedly believe in living my life in a way that is Green and Sustainable and means that I am Looking After The Planet. I don’t want to spend money(money, hmpf! Another issue altogether) on cheap plastics, poorly made stuff and farmed foods. Hopefully over the next few months I can show you how I am changing small things in my life to adhere to these principals.

I think in some ways that Turning Green is not as easy as you think, it certainly hasn’t been easy for me. Capitalism and Consumerism have actually made it pretty damn hard. For example eating organically, or finding fruit that hasn’t been shipped half way across the world or buying affordable quality yarn that isn’t acrylic – it just isn’t easy and to be honest it’s damn expensive. So I don’t think, unless you are able financially, it is something you can just wake up one morning and think “from now on I shall be Green

So for me Turning Green is happening one step at a time. For instance I have started to cycle to work, I now get a weekly veg box (totally awesome – the veg is local – from individuals and allotments in my city, I think it is part of a cooperative) . However it has taken a lot of thought to figure out how I can incorporate these blossoming ideas into my crochet and knitting habits.Though I definitely have a few ideas!

So that was my rant. I have a few projects in the pipeline that should take me one step closer to Turning Green which I shall share with you all soon. They are new and exciting and ooooh! I cannot wait to share.

What are your thoughts on being Green?