Long Time No See!

Well that was an unexpectedly long absence from blogging. It wasn’t planned and it just seemed to happen.
Hey Ho I’m back now (yay) and working on some delectable crochet projects!
One of which I am decidedly desperate to finish today.
Here is a cheeky snap.


I’m going to hook away until I finish this, even if I am still hooking until the early hours of the morning, I guess that wouldn’t count as today but it will count in my head because I won’t have slept…Anyway it might not come to that. I have had this project for a good few months, I found the pattern in Inside Crochet (my favourite crochet mag) and it isn’t the trickiest of projects… I’ve just become a little unprohooktive. (See what I did there?) I also found these beauties at a craft fair in Southwold a few weeks ago and they are beyond Perfect for this project. Here, take a peak.

Perhaps you can guess what the project is from the clues but if not I shall keep it a secret for now and I will reveal all upon its completion.

I have been away on holiday quite a bit and working hard.
I spent bank holiday weekend in Amsterdam. What a beautiful and slightly eccentric city. Last week I went to a juggling festival tucked away in the heart of Suffolk on farmer Paul’s farm. A magical week making friends and juggling in the buttercups. Here are a few sneaky peeks of the adventure.




Cannot wait to visit again next year.
I think all this relaxation time has hit me full on in the chest like a shock from an electric fence. There is, metaphorically a thousand things I want to get on with now… So…
Back to hooking!



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