Finished Project – but I’m still learning

I have been crocheting for a good few years now and yet I still make mistakes. Perhaps because I rush or because I’m a little impatient or it’s a combination of the two.
I said yesterday I would finish my project even if I had to stay up until the early hours.. Well I finally went to bed around midnight and still hadn’t finished. Though there isn’t too much left to do. Here are a few snaps of what it looks like at the minute!



Its a VW Camper Van!!!
It certainly took me a while too finish but I got there in the end.
I think sewing is a skill I am least proficient at… I’m fact I struggle a lot with it. As you can probably see I’ve sewed the wrong sides together as opposed to the right side. Wahhh. I only realised 2/3 of the way through my sewing and I really, really didn’t want to unpick everything I had done. So I’ll have to put up with my imperfect camper van. Maybe I’ll make another one.. And do it right this time.
Live and learn eh?



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