Where does the time go…?

A recent crafty chat, a monumental tidy up and some room to breathe have all contributed to a fervent bellowing of my previously diminished inner flame of passion for crochet. I don’t quite know why my passion, and consequently my hooking, dwindled inconspicuously to a halt; projects were pushed under the bed, hidden in wardrobes, frogged or just simply left to fester.

I figure – we all need a break sometimes… Right? We just don’t always know it.

So, since my last post I have moved house, had a birthday, celebrated countless other fantabulous birthdays (including two of my best friends, mum, bf and brother) published some flash fiction, made new friends and featured on ITV news! Busy, busy.

Now. Well I have officially picked up my hooks again – and it feels good. I feel settled for the first time in a while. The last few months have been quite a rush, what with the moving house, new house mates, routines…blahblahblah. Excuses excuses.

Anyway it’s back to my old hooky ways and habits. WIPs in my bag, yarn here, there and everywhere, Pinterest perusing, blog reading and of course a little indulgence. I justified my indulgence with the reasoning that I had been out of the loop (pun or no pun? Nahhh, it didn’t quite work that) so long that I had to catch up on what I had missed! Naughtily I purchased two crochet magazines.


I bought my favourite magazine, Inside Crochet and a new magazine, the first issue even, #crochet – or as it came up on the scanner Hashtag Crochet. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the name but it has some very cute patterns inside and a tiny amigurumi fox was all it took to cause it to accidentally fall into my basket!

So right now, I am laying in bed, Bailey’s hot chocolate in one hand and a 5mm hook in the other working on Sarah London’s Turkish Delight Rug found in #crochet. It’s bright, eye catching and uses a technique I haven’t tried before – weaving!

I’ll let you know how it goes.



3 thoughts on “Where does the time go…?

  1. I have been in the same rut with sewing. I feel like I just don’t have the right space! I picked up knitting and now most recently crocheting, so I at least feel a little bit productive. It’s a lot easier in smaller spaces to get these other types of things done!. This is my first time reading your blog, but I am glad you have rekindled your passion.


    • I know how you feel! I don’t really have any space to make a crafty corner, perhaps i could have a tiny desk. Sometimes it makes all the difference having a little space, especailly with sewing!
      Over the next few weeks im going to make an extra effort to create a small space dedicated to crafty pursuits, even if its just a chair near a window!

      Thank you! I hope you enjoy crochetting, if you need any help you can always message me and ill do my best!


      • Good luck with your crafty space! I have one of my roommates moving out so hopefully soon I will be able to get a better space, or at least a better handle on things.
        Thanks for your offer, I will absolutely take you up on that!


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