Merry Christmas

I ventured out today to the Nottingham Sumac centre as they were holding a winter craft fair. It’s a fantastic little community centre, you should check out there website! I really enjoyed the fair as it was all local crafter’s, selling homemade and handmade gifts. From whiskey marmalade to bracelets made with sustainable beads and hemp thread to peppermint soaps! I bought a few small gifts for my family as presents. It felt great to be buying and supporting local people.

I also treated myself and bought my one and only Christmas decoration.
Here is Jeff. Who, to be honest, will remain all year round.



Handmade Crochet Christmas

This year Everyone is getting handmade for Christmas. The whole fam. Just a small, simple handmade gift. Here is the first one, a Kraken brooch for my little brother.


He looks a little scary but that’s what Krakens are supposed to be! I hope my little brother likes him!

Happy Hooking.

Three Tips for Crochet Success

Are you someone with a million projects on the go? Then you forget about half of them only to stumble upon them months or years later wondering what the heck it was supposed to be? Maybe you have ten granny squares of different sizes and shapes, lots of random shapes in the same colour, a half finished 3D object that could have been a foxes head but is now just a tangle of yarn!

Well yes, that’s me too. Not good. However, I have been trying to be a little more disciplined with finishing projects. Here are my three tips that keep me sane and in control of my WIPs

1) Write  down current projectsI like to keep a little note of exactly what it is I am working on. For instance if i am working on a blanket I will note down the pattern and where to find it, if there is one and if not I will make a little sketch, which hook(s) I am using, colours, style and yarn. This way if I abandon it for a few weeks I have a handy reference guide to refer to if I have forgotten.


2) Keep it all together. I find this one difficult sometimes as realistically I can’t have a hook for every project, but on the whole i like to keep one project and all the equipment that goes with it in one tidy bag. If I mix it with other yarns and crafty bits it will inevitably get lost/tangled/eaten or all of the above. Luckily last year my lovely BF treated me to a yarn bag which is now filled with my current project.

IMG-20141201-WA0000 IMG-20141201-WA0001








3)Little and OftenThis one is a principle I like to adhere to flexibly. I crochet little an often most of the time, a lot and often a lot of the time and not at all hardly ever. OK that was a little confusing but what I mean to say is that sometimes hooking for hours and hours (unless you are totally addicted and just cannot stop)  it can be a little overwhelming. Even small projects, ones that require you to count all the increases and decreases each and every row can be tiring – but if you do a little and often the effort won’t seem so great. Sometimes I can sit for hours hooking away and not even notice the time passing. Sometimes I look at the few granny squares I hooked, perhaps three or four and realise “I have 200 more to make! Oh fiddle sticks!”

These are my little tips, maybe you’ll like them and perhaps you won’t but regardless….

Happy Hooking!!