Lazy Days

Sometimes I’m just too lazy to get out of bed and so it becomes my crafting space, my very comfortable, warm crafting space. Why not eh?



6 thoughts on “Lazy Days

      • I haven’t tried that on yet. What do you think? I love pompom quarterly too! Molliemakes has gone down a bit for me


      • Its only on the second issue as its new, they have lots of good patterns but its £10! I wasn’t keen on the second issue so im waiting for the one in the new year. I haven’t ever seen pompom quarterly… Do you have to buy it online. I never really got mollie makes… I only like crochet/knit really! Did you use it much?


      • I love pompom and buy it online. I have crocheted my vintage Bullion scarf from it. It’s all about the Knitting and crochet! Pompom is £10 too. I like to wait a while with new mags.i have used molliemakes but not recently 😦


      • Ahh, i have seen it around i might buy it one time to see it what its like, it looks very up market! Though I’m worried my room is going to drown in a sea of magazine and paper goods lol! It has a lot in it i think and some of the crafts im not too interested in!


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