2015 – Happy New Year

I’ve had a long break over Christmas which has been very relaxing! It has been so relaxing that I haven’t really had a chance to work on my crochet projects and consequently, blog.

For this post I wanted to take the time to say Hello and tell you a little about myself, what I like to do and what this blog is all about. Which I don’t think I have done before!


Hello there! Welcome to my tiny, tiny corner of the internet!!

Let’s begin at the beginning!

– My name is Dominique and I live in Nottingham.


That’s me! I’m wearing my favourite wooly hat that I bought in a market in Amsterdam. I think I’m on the way to meet a friend when I took this picture!

– My blog here is an outlet for my creativity, mostly related to crotchet but I like to sneak other things in here occasionally. Sometimes I write about where I’ve been on holiday or posts of Pinterest Faves, other bloggers ect. I like to change it up so I don’t get satiated with doing the same thing over and over

– Crochet is one of my favourite hobbies. I started in my second year of university, over three years ago now. I enjoy crochet for many reasons, particularly because it’s one of the only artistic mediums I have found (so far – I still have hope) that I am any good at, subjectively speaking. I was never very good at art or music when I was at school but I always had an urge to be creative and now I can, and with success!

– I love languages, culture and other countries. This summer I plan to travel for a while around Europe – how cliché – so in my spare time I’m trying to learn the basics of a few languages (mostly Spanish and Italian) as well as learn about the various cities and countries I will be visiting.

– My other passion is reading, writing and literature in general. I write short stories and occasionally poetry. My favourite books include; the bell jar, Middlesex, the woman on the edge of time, I capture the castle.. Oh I could list and list and list!

Well that’s just a little bit about me, I didn’t want to rant on and on! Perhaps I shall share a little more in a future post.

Please comment below with a little about you, it’s lovely to get to know the people who stop by and take the time to read my blog!

Thanks for stopping by