Snapshots :: Nottingham

Nottingham, as well as being one of my favourite cities, is also my home and has been for the past four years. I thought that after university I would be inclined to move on elsewhere but the city is so enticing and buzzing that I’m reluctant to leave!
I will be doing a few posts, infrequently, that are a selection of snapshots that focus on my life and experiences of Nottingham, the secrets, the cafes, the music, the people, the nature and history.


In all the time I’ve lived in Nottingham I have never visited – though I’ve walked past it many times – the cathedral. It isn’t the biggest or grandest Cathedral in the world but it is very beautiful. The day we visited was sunny and streams of sunlight poured through the stained glass windows above our heads and coupled with the music being played on the organ it created a very beautiful experience.


Nottingham has become a little obsessed with beer. Which is fine by me as I’m a little obsessed with beer too. This is a photo of some of the exotic and unusual beers at the Beer Cavern. I shall be popping back in this week to pick up a selection for the upcoming weekend with our friends who are visiting.



The two photos above are from the current exhibition at the Nottingham Contemporary, it was fascinating and has encouraged me to further research the issues that were highlighted within this exhibition.



We took a walk around Nottingham City Centre and spent a while hunting around the small alley ways and tiny streets that are hidden in and around the city centre. These secret spots are home to cafés, cute curiosity shops, micro brewries and more I have yet to discover.



Two snapshots of the beautiful Nottingham Castle.  My house mate and I took a visiting friend to have a look around. I loved it here it was a real treat to go and look around as I hadn’t been for years. It was full of history, beautiful garments, treasures and art. At the end of our saunter around we stood out the back and had a look across the city.

Thanks for reading. These are just a few Snapshots of my life and city over the last few weeks.



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