Knit:: Learning To Knit


I finally picked up some circular needles, a ball of yarn from my stash and a pattern. It’s actually going really well despite my nerves prior to starting.
I tried to learn to knit with straight needles before I learned to crochet but I just couldn’t get on with them.
However, last week I woke up and decided “I must learn to knit!” So I picked the Milanese Hat pattern (free) on Raverly and started knitting. There have been a few stumbling blocks but I am really enjoying it and pleased I have learned something knew! I shall update you all when I have progressed somewhat.

Onto my other project, my Spring Bag, unfortunately I have had to put this to the side until the yarn I need comes back into stock. Frustrating because its almost finished and I wanted a FO for once!

Happy Hooking (and knitting!)

Spotted:: Bag patterns on Raverly






I am kind of, maybe, sort of, OK I AM TOTALLY obsessed with crochet bags at the moment. I keep browsing raverly and pinterest for inspiration for my next venture. Here are my five favourite free bag patterns that I have found on raverly!

1. This slightly oversized purse is gorgerous. It also features tapestry which i have on my to learn list. I love the geometric style.

2. This netted market bag is a fave pattern of mine. A homemade, handmade bag for life. I can imagine toting it around on a saturday at a farmers market filled with curious and quirky veg like romaneque and weird funghi.

3. This tiny mushroom drawstring bag is so cute. I imagine my siblings would love them! This is going on the xmas present for others list! All in different colours!

4. This beach bag, don’t let it fool you! It looks like it has been knitted but it’s not! It’s actually crocheted with an unusual technique involving half trebles.

5. This purse is simply lovely. I love that vibrant, bright spark of colour across the middle against it’s two tone grey backdrop.

Thanks for free! Please leave any links to crochet bag patterns if you have any faves!






















































































Crochet:: Spring Bag Update






It’s really coming along!!

But I’m facing a little problem, actually, a BIG problem. I’ve used up All The Yarn. That’s 6 balls of turquoise and 3 of yellow! I’m so close to finishing this piece that it is agonising that I have run out of yarn so close to the finish line. And another problem. It’s out of stock at wool warehouse! Devastating. I’m not quite sure what to do. My predicted deadline for finishing my bag for Friday will definitely not happen (even though I probably would have finished today had I bought enough yarn) I’ll have to order more yarn on payday and complete it for well…. Whenever the yarn is back in stock and then arrives! I guess I have learned a lesson in this… Buy more than enough yarn!

I really enjoyed hooking up the bag though. It’s a real labour of love, it took me around 4 days, crocheting probably 4 hours at a time to finish the turquoise part.

I can’t wait to wear it and fill it up with stuff! My mind is already swimming with ideas for the next bag and as PayDay is around the corner I probably shall be purchasing the yarn, and sods law ill be starting the next bag before I’ve finished the first!! But, hush hush. I’ll keep that quiet for another day.
How are you all? How are you projects coming along? I would love to see some WIP photos… Maybe on instagram? Follow me @myotherloves and use the #crochetwip2015!

Happy Hooking!


What’s on my chopping block? Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie!




Well, I’m not quite chopping anything!

I’ve been on a bit of a health kick recently – what with summer approaching and all – and I have been loving smoothies! Full of nutrition, tasty, natural and very filling. Today I woke up and knowing I have a busy day filled with hooking (my Spring Bag is coming along very nicely!) and juggling this evening  I needed a sustaining yet healthy snack to keep me going and stop me from snacking. (A nasty habit I want to kick) My recipe is based on oh she glows – peanut butter bomb smoothies. But I have changed and added ingredients.

Breakfast Smoothie – Peanut Butter and Banana. 

Two bananas

4 tbsps peanut butter

1 teaspoon vanilla flavour

1/2 cup of rolled oats

2 cups almond milk

Whack it all in the blender and serve! Easy peasy!

Alter the ingredients in any which way you like to suit your taste buds. Have a wonderful day!


Snapshots:: Nottingham – Part 2









Nottingham really has some hidden spots

– This sign is in one of my favourite pubs – the Lincolnshire poacher. They have great beer, great music and a wonderfully bright conservatory perfect for drinking.

– This is a little corner of the Kiosk Cafe in Nottingham. The food here is amazing! Local produce, fresh and delicious. The owners are really friendly and will chat to you. I always recommend it when people come to visit.

– These next to photos are snapshots of the sign in Sherwood that stands proudly on the highstreet. It has all these leaf shaped motifs that have so many beautiful images and patterns on it.

– This is a photo that makes me chuckle, my boyfriend on the right and our friend on the left. Ogling at all the beer in the Keans Head, another favourite pub of ours. They would probably stay there are day looking and tasting and smelling all the unusual beers.

– This last photo is the ceiling of the Exchange Arcade near the market square. Its beautiful.

Well there you go! Another slice of my life in Nottingham and Nottingham itself. Its a beautiful and buzzing city and I still don’t feel I’ve even explored half of it!

Thanks for reading





Crochet:: Spring Bag

My Granny Square blanket is coming along  a little slowly at the moment but it is coming along nicely! I’ll post some pictures when I have hooked up another few rows!

Recently I have been very keen to design by own patterns and I thought I would start with something simple but something I haven’t crocheted before – a bag.

I perused the internet for inspiration, but really I had the exact design in my head. So I put pencil to graph paper and sketched it out. I chose two spring colours, turquoise for blue skies and seas and yellow for the sun. Sounds a little crazy but I know it’s going to work.

The first step in my project was to design it. I’ve drawn the roundabout idea that I would like. I haven’t decided specifically on all the stitches yet. I think predominantly half trebles and maybe some bobbles and maybe even some embroidery!


So the top is the front inside, it will be blue with two yellow pockets on it. I’m thinking a little embroidery on the pockets but I’m not sure what!

The second I the flap which will cover the pockets.
The third is the strap which will make it a should bag.


Here is the yarn! Turquoise and bright yellow! Aren’t they gorgeous. Its recycled cotton and I’m really enjoying working with it. It hooks up quite nicely.

This is what I have so far, the base and I’m just starting to crochet the sides.


I have the deadline of next Friday for it to be finished by! I’m going to be hook, hook, hooking!!

Thanks for stopping by

PS — this is my working station at present!

Chocolate and tea are a necessity!

Spotted:: Studios

A studio – just the idea of having, working in or owning – to me, is a dream.  A studio is defined on google as “a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc. works.”

But then, a room is only space enclosed by four walls – space to think and be, to let imagination and creativity frolic in the light of day – and so anywhere can be a studio. A small corner of a living room, a single sofa, a beanbag next to a desk, a kitchen table. For a time. Until the imagination grows and the creativity expands and needs more than a corner, more than a desk. A room of ones own.

So, when I do finally “grow up” a studio is definitely on the list of must haves, even a tiny one.

I love browsing the web and peeking into the imagination and workspaces of other crafters and artists and writers.

This little studio is lovely, plenty of room to work and hook away all the day long! It’s so bright and light – that big window is just perfect. Very minimal and I love all the little trinkets that make it personal.


I absolutely love this little studio/area it looks so warm, cosy and inviting. That big bright window – the nature that can be seen outside – the warm sunlight pouring in. It’s a space that screams,”come and sit down, I’ll inspire you!” Just out of the shot of the camera, if this was my place, I would probably have a huge bucket sofa to curl up in with some yarn and a hook.


Onesheepishgirl, or Meredith, has a lovely new flat in Texas and I just love the space. I love the blue wheelie trolley thing, that is something that for me, someone who likes to move around and follow the sunlight, would benefit from, you could wheel it outside into the garden or from the kitchen to the bedroom, and still keep everything organised! I love her interior design, the use of an open shelf unit that creates division and seperation but is still so light and spacious. A perfect little set up.


Now,  I do have a little workspace of my own, which I am very thankful for, it’s just a small desk at the foot of my bed, with a view out of the window – and as I’m three storeys up I do like my view. The best thing about it, by a long shot, are the sunsets, because we are west facing, they are wonderful, sometimes apocalyptic, sometimes breathtaking, but always beautiful. See a few here though I can’t possibly capture with a camera what the eye can see!

But, despite its humble appearance I thought I would post two photos of it anyway, one during the day and one at night! The only difference being the light and the empty glass of wine.



My ideal studio, my perfect studio, would be a combination of all of the above, plenty of big windows so it’s light and airy, not too clinical but warm and homely, an inviting space where I can relax for hours just crocheting or planning or reading. There would be a place to put a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) and plenty of storage for yarn and yarn and yarn and whatever other craft adventures I want to take up.

Perhaps it’s a lot to ask, perhaps not. But hey, a crafter can dream.