Crochet:: Current Project

My main project at the minute is something I started in October 2014 – a large crochet project  -and it consists solely of the wonderful Granny Square! Yes! You guessed it, I’m hooking up my first, large (actually extra large) crochet blanket.
It features over 10 colours all in autumnal shades of red, yellow, brown and orange – as well as rusty, fox, sunburst yellow, pumpkin, chocolate and sunflower!



I wanted to create something in autumnal colours because autumn is the time of year we start wrapping and snuggling down with hot drinks and warm  cozy blankets but also because my favourite colours are reds and oranges and yellows!

Then I  had a crazy thought that maybe I would hook up  a blanket for each of the four seasons. Winter, summer, spring and autumn but right now I’m just focusing on my Autumn blanket.

So far I think it looks great and the granny squares are flying off my hook quicker than I anticipated.
Here’s a glimpse of my current progress.


I think the photo quality is poor as I took it with my phone! I’ve actually borrowed a friends DSLR and hoping to use that so you should see some improvement in my photos in the coming posts.
Anyway back to my blanket!


It’s going to be large enough to fit a double bed and drape slightly over the edges. Perhaps I have bitten off more than I can chew? I’m not sure, at the minute I’m just plodding along. I actually find it really relaxing as I don’t really have to think about what I’m doing!

I’ve been aiming to crochet at least a few squares a day, even if it’s just one! They all add up! I’m also hoping to pick up a few more colours to add in (just an excuse to buy some yarn – he he he) and I need enough yarn to crochet a border but I will get to that when I get to it. For now I’m merrily hook, hook, hooking.



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