Snapshots:: Southwold

I absolutely love Southwold. When I’m not there I feel so much nostalgia for it. My mind is swimming in a myriad of memories, feelings and moments that have accumulated over the years that I have visited.  I can’t imagine not going!

My family and I visited for five days just over two weeks ago! It flew by and we were on the way home before I knew it. But hey, as the old cliche goes – time flies when you’re having fun.


As soon as we got there we had to have a walk along the beach, it was so sunny but rather windy! What’s your favourite beach?


Most evenings we either went to a local pub or I wrapped up and sat reading in the flat. Evenings to me in Southwold are all about the books. Just a habit I picked up. I think I finished two books whilst I was there?


One day we took a long walk to the harbour, the kids loved it, running around in the grassy hills and mud!


As you can see! Crazy siblings of mine!


Another iconic Southwold scene! It actually works and at night it lights up and you can see the light shining across the sea!


There’s something about being in Southwold and therefore being on holiday is the naughty treats! This is a picture of the Magpie bakery. Everything is handmade and homemade and it’s all delicious. I think you could go and stay for a fortnight and still not try all the different breads on offer!


And finally, a post about Southwold isn’t complete without a snap of the beach huts! During the winter they put most of the huts into storage so they don’t get damaged because of the storms, tides and rain during the winter season. They bring them back out a little at a time in Spring.

Where is your favourite place to visit? Have you been to southwold?

Thanks for reading!


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