Spotted:: Studios

A studio – just the idea of having, working in or owning – to me, is a dream.  A studio is defined on google as “a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc. works.”

But then, a room is only space enclosed by four walls – space to think and be, to let imagination and creativity frolic in the light of day – and so anywhere can be a studio. A small corner of a living room, a single sofa, a beanbag next to a desk, a kitchen table. For a time. Until the imagination grows and the creativity expands and needs more than a corner, more than a desk. A room of ones own.

So, when I do finally “grow up” a studio is definitely on the list of must haves, even a tiny one.

I love browsing the web and peeking into the imagination and workspaces of other crafters and artists and writers.

This little studio is lovely, plenty of room to work and hook away all the day long! It’s so bright and light – that big window is just perfect. Very minimal and I love all the little trinkets that make it personal.


I absolutely love this little studio/area it looks so warm, cosy and inviting. That big bright window – the nature that can be seen outside – the warm sunlight pouring in. It’s a space that screams,”come and sit down, I’ll inspire you!” Just out of the shot of the camera, if this was my place, I would probably have a huge bucket sofa to curl up in with some yarn and a hook.


Onesheepishgirl, or Meredith, has a lovely new flat in Texas and I just love the space. I love the blue wheelie trolley thing, that is something that for me, someone who likes to move around and follow the sunlight, would benefit from, you could wheel it outside into the garden or from the kitchen to the bedroom, and still keep everything organised! I love her interior design, the use of an open shelf unit that creates division and seperation but is still so light and spacious. A perfect little set up.


Now,  I do have a little workspace of my own, which I am very thankful for, it’s just a small desk at the foot of my bed, with a view out of the window – and as I’m three storeys up I do like my view. The best thing about it, by a long shot, are the sunsets, because we are west facing, they are wonderful, sometimes apocalyptic, sometimes breathtaking, but always beautiful. See a few here though I can’t possibly capture with a camera what the eye can see!

But, despite its humble appearance I thought I would post two photos of it anyway, one during the day and one at night! The only difference being the light and the empty glass of wine.



My ideal studio, my perfect studio, would be a combination of all of the above, plenty of big windows so it’s light and airy, not too clinical but warm and homely, an inviting space where I can relax for hours just crocheting or planning or reading. There would be a place to put a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) and plenty of storage for yarn and yarn and yarn and whatever other craft adventures I want to take up.

Perhaps it’s a lot to ask, perhaps not. But hey, a crafter can dream.















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