Crochet:: Spring Bag

My Granny Square blanket is coming along  a little slowly at the moment but it is coming along nicely! I’ll post some pictures when I have hooked up another few rows!

Recently I have been very keen to design by own patterns and I thought I would start with something simple but something I haven’t crocheted before – a bag.

I perused the internet for inspiration, but really I had the exact design in my head. So I put pencil to graph paper and sketched it out. I chose two spring colours, turquoise for blue skies and seas and yellow for the sun. Sounds a little crazy but I know it’s going to work.

The first step in my project was to design it. I’ve drawn the roundabout idea that I would like. I haven’t decided specifically on all the stitches yet. I think predominantly half trebles and maybe some bobbles and maybe even some embroidery!


So the top is the front inside, it will be blue with two yellow pockets on it. I’m thinking a little embroidery on the pockets but I’m not sure what!

The second I the flap which will cover the pockets.
The third is the strap which will make it a should bag.


Here is the yarn! Turquoise and bright yellow! Aren’t they gorgeous. Its recycled cotton and I’m really enjoying working with it. It hooks up quite nicely.

This is what I have so far, the base and I’m just starting to crochet the sides.


I have the deadline of next Friday for it to be finished by! I’m going to be hook, hook, hooking!!

Thanks for stopping by

PS — this is my working station at present!

Chocolate and tea are a necessity!


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