Snapshots:: Nottingham – Part 2









Nottingham really has some hidden spots

– This sign is in one of my favourite pubs – the Lincolnshire poacher. They have great beer, great music and a wonderfully bright conservatory perfect for drinking.

– This is a little corner of the Kiosk Cafe in Nottingham. The food here is amazing! Local produce, fresh and delicious. The owners are really friendly and will chat to you. I always recommend it when people come to visit.

– These next to photos are snapshots of the sign in Sherwood that stands proudly on the highstreet. It has all these leaf shaped motifs that have so many beautiful images and patterns on it.

– This is a photo that makes me chuckle, my boyfriend on the right and our friend on the left. Ogling at all the beer in the Keans Head, another favourite pub of ours. They would probably stay there are day looking and tasting and smelling all the unusual beers.

– This last photo is the ceiling of the Exchange Arcade near the market square. Its beautiful.

Well there you go! Another slice of my life in Nottingham and Nottingham itself. Its a beautiful and buzzing city and I still don’t feel I’ve even explored half of it!

Thanks for reading






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